Saturday, December 5, 2009

Greetings of the Season....from Texas!

Around my dollhouse village, my little "peeps" (borrowed that term from my friend Amy who promises to start a blog on her Lundby lovelies very soon!) are getting in the spirit of the holidays......

Here we find Alex and Sara and their pup Pookie hanging a wreath on the red door of their Keystone house that was built in the mid 1930s. Looks like they have already decorated the fir trees gracing the entrance.

Rhett (who is a big boy) is helping daddy hang the wreath on their 1950 era Keystone house by staying out of his way. Rhett is hoping Santa will bring him a "two-wheeler" for Christmas!

On the south side of the village, up on a hill, we find Papa Nils waiting for Pia to hang the last ornament on the tree so he can place the new starburst on the top. Little Harald is busy playing with his kitty Kelo while Mama Margit waits in her comfy chair to light the candles on the tree...

Camille and Gabriel Bertrand hung their holiday wreath and are walking to the village store to buy candles for their tree. They are giving instructions to Baby Huey Bertrand to stay close to the chalet while they are away. Papa Bertrand always takes his umbrella with him.

In the middle of the village, Karen Wagner holds the wreath to hang on their door while hubby Doug prepares the reindeer topiaries to place on their front lawn. They are thinking about adding a red nose to one of the reindeer.......

Jeanette Renwal is trying to coax her kitty Titus away from the door of their 1940 Rich Toy home so her dad can hang their Christmas wreath. Titus must be from the same litter as Susan's lovely Darci.

In a corner of the village, Pappa Niklas Karlsson takes a nap in his chair by the tree while his wife Nana Astrid clears the dinner dishes. She is happy they decorated the tree before dinner so Niklas is free to have his nap! She is proud of her new retirement home built by Caroline's Home.

Chloe Hughes brings the door wreath to hubby Rhys while little Sofie waits patiently to help her pop. They live on the upper east side of the village near the Karlssons.

Little Greyson has helped daddy hang the wreath on their front door, but mom needed to make some adjustments.......

Grandma Wuensche wishes she could remember just where she stored the angel tree-topper because her darling grandkids are excited about seeing real candles on her little tree!

And, from one of my favorite cards from 1979, my holiday wishes to you.........


  1. How gorgeous! Lovely to see so many of your houses in one post - and they're all busy with Christmas decorations! I love how you've positioned the dolls, and all the little stories. I can see that Christmas is going to be a big event in the village!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca! Finally used the little wreaths I won on eBay several years ago...and, don't tell anyone, but Papa Niklas and Nana Astrid have had their Christmas tree up since they moved into their little house last spring! Hope my other little "peeps" aren't frozen in position until next spring...

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    I just love seeing all your houses and families. It makes me want to look for similar ones on eBay, but I have to restrain myself and think of others this holiday season. Your little cat does look like my Darci, but yours is probably less opinionated.

    The only problem with your post is that it reminds me to get all my houses ready for Christmas. Oh, so many houses, so little time. LOL

  4. I'm WILD about the reindeer topiaries! I have never seen that before! AND the red tractor toy! So vintage. Just wonderful. Thank you. CM

  5. Now I'm in the holiday spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. Loved it! suz

  6. Great views of all your houses, love the fact they have enough wreathes.. I only have 2 in my collection! Must buy or make some more! lizzie

  7. To Susan...thank you, so glad you enjoyed it! I loved seeing Darci in "her" house. My children's pet kitty, Sammy, could walk thru the front door of my daughter's dollhouse when he first came to live with us..that always brought a bunch of giggles.

    To CM...."borrowed" those topiaries from my daughter's dollhouse! (I'm sure they came from a craft Michaels.) My little brother had a riding tractor like this one back in the 50' of course I had to have one for my 50's houses. Rhett is the name of my 3 year old grandson who always tells me he is a big boy!

    Suz: you can come play with my dollhouses any time. Burrito checked them out on Monday!

    To Lizzie: The only Christmas items I had in abundance were the wreaths...maybe next year I can decorate the interiors! Thanks for visiting! Flo

  8. Hi Flo, love the names you have chosen for your dolls (meant to say that last night, but was side-tracked!) Thank you for visiting my blog.. and so I need to think up names for my "it must be 5 o clock somewhere" couple!! Lizzie x

  9. i finally took the time to read all your lovely stories behind the scenes and i looooved everything :) since i bought my 3. lundby house i often think about the houses as a little town - like you. i really enjoy this "real-life-feeling" meanwhile i create new stories with the lundbys and christine and decorate the houses. i didn´t buy any dolls for the third house (a lundby from 1968-69) but i know i´ll have some caco dolls - like my lundbys are. you have so many lovely caco dolls in your houses!! i love caco dolls the most, because they have these expressive faces. but all the other families in your little town are great, too!

    and i think grandma wünsche would be very happy with a wall hanging like the one, i showed in my last post!

    thank you very much for all the wonderful pictures, yours nicola

  10. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Looks like your peeps (dolls) will have a fantastic Christmas. All the presents must be hidden away in the attic. Joy to the World and Merry Christmas to YOU! Slices to You, Amy

  11. I love seeing your village with all it's lovely houses and it's inhabitants being busy decorating them! They have all done a beautiful job! I have also had great fun reading their names, I knew about the Swedes in the Caroline's home house, but the Norwegian family in the Brio house was a surprise :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and all your peeps!

  12. Nicola, 3 Lundby houses are a good start on a village! And how lucky you are to have an older Lundby from 68-69.
    When I started collecting dollhouses, I had them sitting on and around my dining room son-in-law said it looked like a dollhouse village. Now they have invaded my guest room, where they are shelved on the south, west and north side of the "village"...what FUN!
    I too love the Caco dolls. The stern looking Renwal dolls are from my childhood, but I gave my daughter Caco dolls for her dollhouse in 1979.
    Wish me luck on getting my wall hanging made...I would love for all my houses to have one!
    Thanks for the Flickr invite! It's on my list of things to do! Happy Happy Holidays! Flo

  13. Oh No, Amy! The Christmas bags you sent were empty!! I need to do some last minute shopping or my peeps will have no presents! So glad you are now a blogster!! Have a merry merry Christmas! Flo

  14. Pubdoll, my Brio family are Norwegians? How delightful!! I googled Swedish, English and Swiss names and picked the names I liked best; that was fun. Rhett and Greyson are common names for American southern boys; and Gramma Wuensche was my grandmother's name...although I noticed Nicola spelled it without the "e" as some of my mother's family also did. Thanks for visiting...and the best of the holiday season to you and your family! Flo

  15. I am desperate to find the adult dolls (Chloe & Rhys) in this photo:

    They were the type of dolls I had in my dollhouse growing up, until my dog feasted up them. Any idea who makes them, or where they can be found?

    I simply adore your site! Amazing!

  16. Hi Sally! Happy you like my site...I must get back to adding posts soon.
    The dolls are either Schildkrot or Huckel, both German firms or possibly one and the same. Huckel also made the dolls for Bodo Hennig, another German firm. There are 2 very interesting blog posts about the Schildkrot/Huckel dollhouse dolls on this site (there is a link on my site as I follow this wonderful blog!)You will need to go to her January 2010 posts to find the information. A UK eBayer often has them for sale...eBay name is "catherinesianjones". Hope you find just the little dolls you want...that's how I got started collecting....Flo