Thursday, June 28, 2012

Passing the Rosetta Stone Award to SUSAN!!

The Rosetta Stone Award is given to a dollhouse blogger who has contributed greatly to the information of dollhouse history. The award is kept for six months and then passed on to another worthy recipient.

I've had the honor of this award for the last six months and now am delighted to pass it to Susan of Susan's Mini Homes. The most wonderful dollhouses find their way to Susan's home and we are all enriched because she generously shares them with us. Thanks, Susan, for all your wonderful dollhouse posts!

This award was created by a committee  on My Realitty's blog who explained the creation of the award in this way.... "As we all know dollhouses were originally the hobby of rich women or tools to teach girl children to keep house. Today women all over the world are interested in them. Note the number of bloggers and that dollhouse blogs are a world unto themselves. Though these houses started as toys and may have led a perilous life, once they are in the harbor of the collector they have a story to tell. This award is to acknowledge the sleuthing it takes to discover that story."

I felt honored to be included in this group of previous recipients of the Rosetta Stone sure to check out their latest posts.....Rebecca's Collections...from Australia, diePuppenstubensammlerin ...from Germany, and A Home for Dolly ...from Ohio, USA.