Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lester Lurch issues a challenge....

Lester Lurch and his wife, Lydia Lurch, with their quadruplets Lyndon Lurch, Lionel Lurch, LaNelle Lurch, and Lulu Lurch arrived in the village last summer.  They have been living in the side yard of "the birthday house" in anticipation of moving into their own little home....they see lots of vacancies in the village but haven't yet gotten Florine's attention...good luck guys.

Lester Lurch thinks of himself as a very handsome fellow. He likes to stand in front of a mirror and practice his Elvis impersonations.

Then he likes to flex his pipe cleaner muscles and comb his Plaster of Paris hair. He even purchased  a '55 pink Cadillac to drive around the village...the rest of the residents get out of his way when they see him coming!

Lester thinks his wife and children are also very handsome ... how could they not be handsome when they are related to him? Here's his favorite picture of his handsome family.....doing the Bunny-Hop with mom!

And here is Lester's challenge.....
   Does any other blog have a family as handsome as his?

If you think you do....SHOW HIM!!

The Lurch kiddos came to me free and unannounced with some Renwal school desks I purchased on eBay....and they were not dollies I had ever seen before! Then, a week later, Lester and Lydia turned up on eBay....of course I had to have them come to live with their children!

In Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840-1990, Marcie Tubbs shares that these simply made dolls were marketed by F.W.Woolworth for 29 cents for mom and dad and 25 cents for the boy and girl. They have a simple pipe cleaner frame with painted plaster of paris heads and feet. Metal clips that pinch the pipe cleaners together serve as shoulders and hips. The upper torso is wrapped with cotton batting, and simple clothing of various fabrics are glued to the body. At 4.5" tall, the mom and dad were perfect size for the plastic dollhouse furniture sold by Renwal and Ideal in the late 40s to early 50s.

Oh, NO!  Who is that knocking on the door just when he has time to practice a few chords of Love Me Tender!!??!! Lester hopes it's not his sister-in-law Letty Lurch and her two noisy twins, Larry Lurch and Linda Lurch....last time they came to visit they stayed for 3 months!