Thursday, December 15, 2022

A new Patty Cooper Book: Grandmother Stover's Doll House Miniatures


What makes a dollhouse a home? Why, all the accessories that have been available since the first dollhouse was constructed in the late 1600s. From little girls with their first dollhouses to the mature collector of fabulous homes, the  multiple accessories that have been available have made their dollhouses complete. 

One of the most prolific suppliers of dollhouse accessories was the company known as Grandmother Stover's. Patty has included a fascinating history of the company and the man behind it,  John Stover.  Starting out as a cottage industry about 1943, Grandmother Stover accessories were still being produced as late as 1983. 

With 294 pages in color and black and white, you will be amazed at this collection of dollhouse accessories produced by Grandmother Stover's. Included is information about the The Stover Rooms that were produced in 1950, a grouping of "solidly constructed wooden" furniture popular with collectors of today. This furniture was sold by Marshall Fields and in the Chestnut Hill catalog, and advertised as late as 1962 in the Mark Farmer mail order catalogs.

This book provides catalogs and advertisements which identify Grandmother Stover's products as well as over 600 examples, most in their original packaging.

This is number 15 in a series of informative books produced by Patty Cooper on dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and dollhouse my opinion the best on the market! 

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