Sunday, September 17, 2017

FOR SALE!: Villa Hogarin dollhouse and contents...

This modern little house is a Villa Hogarin dollhouse produced in Spain in the late 60s to early 70s. It is the childhood dollhouse of Bettina, whose father purchased it for her when she was growing up in Germany. Now Bettina is ready for another child to be able to enjoy it as much as she did. 

This house is on a platform that measures 29½wide by 21" deep. The house stands 13" tall at the peak of the roof. It contains 4 rooms and a side patio with steps leading down to the "yard". 

The rooms on this back side of the house are not as large as the 2 rooms on the front of the house.  Potted plants decorate the low wall of the patio....Bettina must have a green thumb!

This side gives a better view of the patio and the very attractive patio furniture.

The fourth side of this little house is without windows.

Here is the sweet little family that has lived in Villa Hogarin since Bettina was a young girl.

All the original furniture is included with the house and family. 
I see...the 3 piece patio set, a lavender bathroom set, a red dining room table with 4 chairs and white buffet, a bed and wardrobe, a vanity and bedside table, a kitchen table and chair along with a stove and cabinets AND pots pans and utensils, a TV, and a transformer and ceiling lights! Bettina told me not all the furniture is perfect but it certainly looks to be enough to furnish this little house.

If anyone is interested in making this wonderful Spanish Villa Hogarin their own, please contact Bettina at .