Thursday, January 13, 2022

Looking for this 1935 Keystone of Boston Dollhouse

This dollhouse  is one of the first dollhouses produced by Keystone of Boston in 1935. K's mom had a dollhouse just like this when she was a child, but it was lost about 30 years ago. Mom recently turned 80, and K would like to gift her mom with a duplicate of her childhood dollhouse. If you have a dollhouse like this, and would like to help K bring back a cherished memory of her mom's childhood, please contact me at 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

A New Book by Patty Cooper! Perfume Novelties for Dollhouses


What dollhouse collector doesn't have one of these cozy chaise lounges in at least  one of their dollhouses? A new resource book for the collectors of perfume containers that are often found in dollhouses is Patty Cooper's latest publication on dollhouse furniture.

During the 1930s-40s, producers of inexpensive perfume products started packaging their perfume in containers that resembled dollhouse furniture. Some of the most often seen are the ones made or distributed by Stuart Products, Inc., of St. Paul, Minnesota....chairs and ottomans, lamps, flower cart, clocks, bed, magazine racks, dresser, what-not shelf....even a bar and a tea trolley.   

Other designers, companies and distributers included in this informative book include Robert B. Karoff, Alex and Lewis Fine, Robinson Cosmetic Company, George W. Button Company, Lander, Novell, The Antique Shoppe, Rubicon, Bo-Kay Perfume Company, and H. Fishlove & Comany. 

Which items made as perfume containers, adding just the right touch of coziness or whimsy, reside in your dollhouses? 

This book can be purchased at (in soft cover or instant PDF version) or from the author at 

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