Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Do you have a Trixytoy dollhouse?


The Durrell Company in Boston, Massachusetts, produced a series of fiberboard  dollhouses in the late 1920's. Several houses were made in various sizes and slightly different designs. Designs were painted both on the exterior and interior....shutters and plants on the outside with curtains on the inside.

Several advertisements of Trixytoy dollhouses have been found:

A small 2 room cottage,

a brightly colored 2 story with 4 rooms,

and a lovely Trixytoy Mansion with 2 stories, 5 rooms and a sun room. 

These Trixytoy dollhouses have survived well over the years and are usually found in great condition. 

If you have one of these little houses, or a variation of the ones shown above, please consider sharing a picture of it with Patty Cooper at gardenmont@aol.com