Monday, October 25, 2021

American Soft Metal Dollhouse Furniture....a new book by Patty Cooper


Most collectors of dollhouse furniture are familiar with the soft metal furniture circa 1890-1920, but how many of you know which company produced your set? Do you recognize the pattern of your soft metal furniture from the picture below?  This book may be able to help. 

Over the last century, much misinformation has been published about soft metal furniture. With access to newly digitized documents online, Patty has produced an informative and interesting book that will help collectors distinguish between the different companies that made the "intricate, filigree designs that are more like jewelry than dollhouse furniture". 

Pictures of the actual furniture are shown along with original advertisements published during the same period the furniture was manufactured. Four main manufacturers with similar products are showcased....Peter F. Pia, Adrian Cooke and his "Fairy Furniture", the firm of Jacob Goetz's Sons, and the manufacturing entrepreneur E.W. Blatchford & Company. A comprehensive history of each company is detailed....and dollhouse furniture wasn't the only product produced before or after the period 1890-1920.

Some examples from the book include this 'Columbus Furniture' by the Pia firm, first exhibited at the The World's Columbus Exposition held in Chicago in 1893.

Adrian Cooke's Fairy Furniture 'Ribboned  Horseshow' furniture set, which is often confused with Pia's Horseshoe set. 

The 'Doll Mansion' produced by Jacob Goetz's Sons.

And mantles and easels from E W Blatchford & Company.


Not being very familiar with the soft metal furniture made during this long ago  period, I was truly amazed at the information Patty has compiled. I was also delighted to be able to identify my only soft metal set as "Wings" made by the Peter F Pia company.....the set found on the cover of this new volume of dollhouse furniture information.  May you be as lucky! 

This book, along with Patty's other 12 wonderful volumes of dollhouse furniture publications, can be found on