Gone....but not forgotten

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 Montgomery Wards, 1945
now resides on Dollhouse Shenanigans

Original owners Gordon and Vivian Lesatz, Strombecker furniture 

First renters  Drs. Callum and Finella Berwick, Ardee furniture

Second renters Drew and Justin, Lincoln furniture

Third renters Professer Huntley Castleton and Fern Lundgren, Brio furniture

Debbie's Dream Home
sold on Ebay

Lowes, 1943 
Sold on Ebay


Playtown by Sutherland, 1930s
sold on Ebay


Sold on Ebay

                         Back                                       Interior

Trixytoy , 1928
Sold on Ebay

Furnished with Strombecker and Kage

Sold on Ebay

Interior, with Ideal furniture

Ideal, 1970s
Sold on Ebay

Tomy Smaller Homes, 1973
Sold on Ebay

Interior with Tomy furniture

T. Cohn, 1950
Sold on Etsy

Interior with Superior furniture

Rich Toys, 1940
Donated to Empty Bowl auction

interior with Strombecker furniture

Rich Toys, 1943-44
Sold on Ebay

Interior furnished with Strombecker

                                                          Rich Toys, 1941 Colonial                                                                                    Donated to Mr. Fix-It                           


 Spielwarenfabrik Karlheinz Klein 
 Germany, 1954
  now living with Maureen

Furnished with Dora Kuhn