Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My little Trixytoy dollhouse from 1928

This is my small Trixytoy dollhouse made by the Durrel Company 
in Boston, Massachuesetts in the late 1920s. 
It is made of heavy cardboard and still in great shape 
for a cardboard house approximately 88 years old. 
The roof was originally red but has faded to tan.

Mine is a one room house with opening door 
and 4 windows that still retain the original cellophane windows. 
I made a stand alone wall divider 
to give this grandma a bit of privacy.

Here is grandma's bedroom.

The dresser, chair, lamps, bed and bedside table are Strombecker from the early 1940s.

Grandma's comfy chair was made by Kage, 1938-48.

 Grandma loves her open living room kitchen combo. 

Grandma likes to relax on her sofa and listen to her favorite radio programs on her radio. 
The sofa, chair, radio and end table are Strombecker from the mid 1940s. 

Tweety, her little red bird, is kept in the kitchen 
because he likes to spread his birdseed everywhere! 
The sink, stove and table and chairs are from 
Strombecker's 1934 production line. 
The fridge is Kage, 1938-48. 

Grandma does think this is her "Home Sweet Home"!

This is a two room model house also made by Trixytoy. 

...advertised in the 1928 Sears catalog for $1.29 
and included Tootsietoy furniture. 

The Durrel Company also made Trixytoy furniture for their houses. This is the kitchen set, made in half inch to one foot scale, from four layers of cardboard glued together. 

The dining room set....
two tables, 4 chairs, sideboard and server were made.

Trixytoy living room set.

This add for my little house appeared in a 1920s toy flyer 
issued by J F Colson & Co in St. Charles, Illinois. 


  1. Una verdadera joya, la abuela encantadora:-)

  2. Grandma looks like she is as snug as bug in a rug!
    Really cute house and dressed nicely!

  3. What a great little house. I like what you did with the curtains.

  4. What a delightful home - live long and prosper Grandma.

  5. This is a delightful little home for Grandma with privacy wall - good idea.

  6. Everything looks so luscious on your blog!

  7. Wow that Kate is impressive! Love that sober Grandma.