Saturday, March 5, 2022

DISCOVERED!....a wondrous dollhouse castle on Etsy

 One of my "hobbies" is "surfing" Ebay and Etsy for dollhouse items to add to my collection. Sometimes I find items so wonderful  that they need to be shared with everyone. The owner of this wonderful vintage dollhouse castle gave me permission to share it with you.

This custom made, fairy tale castle is vintage....produced in my favorite era  of dollhouses, the 1930s to 1940s. It is constructed of wood, painted a creamy ivory and in wonderful condition. Whatever lucky little girl received this wondrous castle as a gift took very good care of it. Or, possibly, it was a gift to a wife from her loving husband.

A series of steps....

 lead to the front doors of the castle.

Past the hexagonal shaped tower, with stained glass windows, are upper and lower shaded and the other for sunning. An arcade of columns support the crenellated walls of the upper terrace. 

The castle comes in two parts....the left side housing a bedroom, the Chamber and a kitchen/scullery. The right side houses the throne room and the dungeon! 

The throne room sits above the dungeon, which presently holds no prisoners! 

In the throne room,  the king, wearing his crown, is holding his sword to protect his treasure chest of gold and jewels.

The detail in the Chamber room is exquisite....from pillars holding the arched beams to the palladium windows with stained glass and the arched doorway. This is truly a castle lovers delight! 

This wondrous dollhouse castle can be found on Etsy at Dollhouse Charms. The proprietor has included a video in the description. It can be YOURS!