Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New ETSY shop: reproduction parts for Keystone and Rich dollhouses!

lantern for a Keystone house

A great new shop opened on ETSY for dollhouse enthusiasts needing reproduction replacements for missing parts on their Rich Toys and Keystone of Boston vintage dollhouses. The proprietress is JoAnn Belanger, who for several years has made these parts available to friends and associates. How wonderful that now everyone can have access to the parts needed to complete that treasured vintage dollhouse! 

Here is a note from JoAnn telling about her shop:

"Finding and restoring vintage dollhouses, especially Rich Toy Co. and Keystone of Boston dollhouses, has become a retirement hobby for my husband and me. As we restore the dollhouses in my collection, we make duplicates of parts we needed which we then make available to other dollhouse collectors.  

I recently opened an ETSY shop to market the parts I now have available.  We have recreated windows, doors, stoops, chimneys, etc., in as authentic a look as possible. We work with wood, molding materials, resin for casting parts, silk screening, and sewing materials.The parts are representative of the originals as verified in the Dian Zillner books and the Rich Toy Co. Dollhouse book.    

 Please visit my ETSY shop, “Dollhouse Wonders” or search by my name, JoAnn Belanger.  I continue to add items to my ETSY shop as I have time. You may also contact me by email at  
I always appreciate connecting with other dollhouse enthusiasts.

Here are pictures of some of the items created by JoAnn and Don that came to complete my vintage dollhouses...

front door for a Keystone house

resin window for the newer Keystone houses
(these are wonderful!)

fence post topper for a Rich house 
(original on left, JoAnn's on the two right)

lantern on a 30's era Rich house

front door on a 30's era Rich house.
you can see an original door on the picture above.
(I added the green paint but JoAnn said she would have done that for me!)
JoAnn also makes the flower pots!

chimney on a 30's era Keystone house
(sorry Don, I haven't gotten around to painting it)

chimney toppers on a 30's era Rich dollhouse
(these are so often missing)

one of JoAnn's wonderful replacement windows 
for a 30's era Rich house
(these come in many sizes)

The Keystone lantern at the top of this post is also one of JoAnn's products....and her replacement reproductions are reasonably priced!

Visit her shop! If you don't find what you need, do contact her at it might be in production.

I feel so lucky to have found two artists who are willing to share their wonderful vintage dollhouse creations!