Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Le chalet de caisses à savon

This is my little soapbox cottage. 
This lovely little box came to me with two small swan-shaped soaps,
looking  like it should hold a treasure...and now it does.  

On one side I placed a small porch with climbing roses....
 then added cascading flowers....

and windows on each side.
This is the home of Gabrielle and Gaston Dubois.
Gabrielle is very proud of her bedroom suite...a wedding gift from Gaston.
Gaston's pet name for Gabrielle is grincheux chat. Can you guess why?

Gaston is ready for supper,
but he forgets they do not have a kitchen
(a fact that makes Gabrielle very happy).
Sometimes after supper Gaston takes a snooze on the sofa
while Gabrielle cleans away the take-out meal.

And other times they sit on the sofa and canoodle....

because they have no TV.
Other times they sit in their comfy chairs in their bedroom and read.
And sometimes Gaston falls asleep.

What a sweet little cottage that Gabrielle and Gaston live in.

To the Dubois we bid adieu!