Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Day in the Life of a Rich family.....

This is a guest post from fellow dollhouse collector Donna Rau. I hope you will enjoy learning about her dollhouse family and seeing all her vintage dollhouse furniture, along with her Caco dolls and the wonderful wallpaper she has added to this vintage 1948 Rich Toys dollhouse. 

The grandfolks are visiting the Rich's this week, 
so of course, pictures have to be taken.
 Our little family is so happy with their mid 1940s Rich house. 
They have recently had some interior work done, 
and the house now boasts all new wallpaper (from the 1940s) and curtains....
just the thing to show the grandfolks how well Dad's job pays! 
The Rich's sturdy walnut furniture was made 
by the well regarded furniture company Strombeckers. 
Mom's especially proud of the brick surround on the fireplace. 
This line of furniture is called the "Custom Built" line and is made of fine walnut. 
Mom bought the furniture a few years ago, in 1938.

 Ordinarily Mom wouldn't have papered over old walls, but at some point, 
the children scribbled all over the walls with black and green crayons 
that no amount of scrubbing would remove from the brown Tek wood.

Dad and Grandpa are discussing world events and relaxing, 
while Mom tends to her daughter who has fallen and torn her dress. 

The maid is hanging out in the kitchen with the baby, 
trying to clean up the breakfast dishes. 

The stenciled Strombecker furniture is old, 
but the maid keeps it clean and takes good care of the wood. 

The pans, canisters, and oh so cute Salt and Pepper shakers are by PlayTown.

Here are more pictures Donna sent to share the wonderful furniture and vintage wallpaper she has used in her lovely Rich Toys dollhouse.

And the exterior of this lovely 1948 Rich dollhouse!

(This Rich Toys house can be seen on pages 182-83 of Rich Toys Dollhouses 1935-1962  by Cooper, Belanger & Goranson.)