Friday, November 27, 2020

Would you like to have a lovely Keystone dollhouse for Christmas?

 This lovely Keystone of Boston dollhouse is looking for a new home....just in time for Christmas! The owner of this dollhouse would like for this little house to bring joy to a new owner. 

This house was produced sometime between 1942 to 1947. Several models were available during that period with red or blue roofs, different style porticos and varied graphics. This particular model has delicate vines with blue flowers around the portico, which makes it a very attractive little house.

The graphics continue around both sides of the house.

This picture shows one of the few flaws on this little house....the small break on the corner, which is quite common on Keystone houses. 

The house has four rooms to room, kitchen, two bedrooms or a bedroom and bath. 

All the windows are intact, however, the house is missing the front door.  Reproduction parts for Keystone houses can be found at a very reasonable price at Dollhouse Wonders, an Etsy site managed by JoAnn Bellanger. The chimney is a replacement but looks very nice in red! JoAnn also makes replacement chimneys if you are interested. 

Wouldn't you love to add this lovely little Keystone to your dollhouse collection....or start a collection with this one! 
Contact Edith Gilder at for more information.