Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Modern Strombecker Dollhouse

Strombecker, well known for wooden dollhouse furniture since the early 1930's, produced this masonite and wood dollhouse in the late 1950's. Bright lithographs abound in this little house that has no opening doors or windows. This house is in pristine condition and came with all the furniture that it was originally sold with; the only items I have added are the piano, radio and I have upgraded the stove and kitchen sink/counter. The little children playing on the patio were made by Flagg from the late 40's through the early 60's.
This is a five room house with the living/dining room being separated by a half wall with a planter box on top....sorry, no plants yet!

This house is 24.5" wide by 13.5" tall and 9.25" deep.

Sofa and chair are beautifully flocked...something done by Strombecker Mfg since the late 1930's. The big picture window and modern design curtains look like they are right out of a 1950 Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
Neat little tea cart....wheels don't move however. Dian Zillner, in Furnished Dollhouses 1880's-1980's, said this was the last line of Strombecker furniture ever issued.

Kitchen counters have triangle shelves just like the British Twigg furniture of the 1950's.

Just like in the movies of the 1950's, all parents had twin beds.....

Strombecker produced the same toilet, bathtub and hamper from the mid 1930's thru the early 1960's. The sink vanity is an early 60's item and was not original to the set of furniture available with the purchase of the dollhouse.

I think I am probably lucky to have the railing for the patio. Although I have seen this house for sale at least twice on eBay, it has never included the rail nor do any of the pictures in Dian Zillner's wonderful dollhouse books show the house with the patio rail.


  1. wonderful colours on the walls in each room.. love this house!!!!!!

  2. that's really great - lucky you!
    I'm yeallous for the red chairs - saw them before on flickr. they are right "my cup of tea".
    have fun with this wonderful house - I like the paintings on the wall too.

  3. Look Now!! Strombecker dollhouse just like this one on EBAY RIGHT NOW!! Full of furniture and in MINT shape GO lOOK !!

  4. To Anonymous....and neither one looks like they were ever played with!

  5. I just bought this house at an antiques market for my daughter. It was unfortunately empty of all furniture. Thanks for providing so much information!


  6. Hi Myra, what a lucky find for you and your daughter! The furniture is available fairly often on eBay....not always listed as Strombecker, however. But little girls are usually happy with whatever furniture Moms provide. Happy hunting! and thanks for sharing that you are now the lucky owner of this vintage dollhouse. Florine

  7. This is it! The dollhouse my grandmother bought me when I was a little girl, maybe around 1966. I still have all the furniture, but not the house. Thank you for posting these photos. It is a wonderful trip down Memory Lane. Carol

  8. This is beautiful. I have the house and some furniture. Any idea of what the house is worth?

  9. I paid 130 for mine 10 years ago with all the original furniture. Since that time I have seen them go from 75 to 200, but that was just on ebay. Really depends on where you sell it and how many people are interested in buying it!

  10. Much of your dollhouse furniture is just like the furniture that came with my mom's Strom Becker dollhouse from the late 30's. Except hers has no TV of course. There are differences in her kitchen furniture and appliances with hers being more simplistic. You have a great vintage find thete.

  11. My sister has this house with furniture in the original box. She has asked me to sell it for her. If interested, please email me at