Thursday, July 29, 2021

Rich Toys Cottage Twins!


I've shared stories of Schoenhut Neighbors 

and Keystone Sisters....

and now I have Rich Toys Twins!

These little 2 room cottages, produced in 1936, have two windows....
one on the front and one on the side.

With only two rooms, I've set them up as guest cottages.
 Hopefully there is a communal toilet somewhere. 

Hollyhock Cottage... furnished with Kage, produced from 1938 to 1948. 

The yellow lamp is Strombecker, the blue chair was made by Dixie Doll 
and the vanity lamps are  Nancy Forbes.

The blue table lamp is Strombecker.

Woodlands Cottage .... furnished mostly with Schoenhut, 
produced 1928-1934.

The dresser, bedside table and bed are Schoenhut, 
while the chair is Kage, and the vanity lamps, clock 
and table with vase are Strombecker. 

The Schoenhut sofa and chair have been neatly upholstered. 
The floor lamp is also Schoenhut, 
the end table is Strombecker and the radio is Kage. 

Ahh, we have our first visitors to Hollyhock Cottage!

How neat that they come in traditional dress...
can we assume Bavarian tourists?

And more visitors, this time to Woodlands Cottage. 

We know our travelers have been to Montreal! 

Funniest thing.....overnight the Woodlands Cottage 
picked up and moved itself to Bolivar, Missouri.