Sunday, November 14, 2021

Another Trixy Toy Dollhouse

This is my second Trixy Toy dollhouse 
made by the Durrel Company of Boston, MA, during the late 1920s.

Granny Ramey lives in this two story cardboard house.

Her house has four room and kitchen on the first floor, 
with her bedroom and bath on the second floor. 
She is happy that her house came furnished with curtains.

Granny Ramey's living room is furnished with a green flocked suite placed across from the fireplace. The mantel clock and the log basket 
are not Kage products, but made to resemble original Kage.

Granny must like green.... she has green appliances and a green table 
in her kitchen. Both match well with the curtains that came with the house.

Moving upstairs...whoops, no stairs!  Her bedroom is cozy 
with walnut furniture and a fireplace to keep her toasty on winter nights.

A change of color for Granny Ramey....with a blue suite of bath fixtures.

We leave Granny Ramey enjoying a refreshing snack in her cozy little home.

Granny Ramey is a German Caco doll with metal hands and feet and stands 
3” tall,  made approximately in the early 1950s. The best information on Caho/Caco dolls can be found at  diePuppenstubensammlerin - Collecting old German dolls houses


The flocked green living room suite was listed in the 1949 Strombecker catalog.
The end table was first shown as a night stand with Strombecker's 1933 bedroom set. The lamp is shown in 1938 with Strombecker's 1" scale furniture. The base of the lamp has been repainted, the original color was black.

The kitchen set is part of  Strombecker's  1935-36 furniture production .

Kage dollhouse furniture was made in Manchester, CT from 1938-1948. These three pieces are from the later period before production ceased in 1948. The bed is from the last design of furniture. 

Kage fireplaces can be found in several different sizes with the later ones having natural wood mantels.  The piano bench is being used as a table.

Schoenhut produced this lamp starting in 1931.

This Trixy Toy house came to me missing the inner wall and second floor, 
but otherwise in fairly good shape. It took me several years 
to tackle re-creating them.  A partial chimney 
came with the house, so the two chimneys are also new. 

This picture, found in Zillner & Cooper's Antique & Collectible Dollhouses and Their Furnishings, is the same house with a blue and red color scheme.

My first Trixy Toy house was a one room house with two dormers. 
I blogged about it in 2016, you can read about it here  
and also see the furniture made by Trixy Toy for their houses.

Information provided on the Strombecker, Kage and Schoenhut furniture come from Patty Cooper's wonderful books on dollhouse furniture and can be purchased on
The Complete Guide to StromBecker Dollhouses & Furniture 1931-1961