Tuesday, May 30, 2023

If you're a fan of Nancy Forbes or Donna Lee dollhouse furniture....

....then this new book by Patty Cooper was written just for you! These two lines of dollhouse furniture were made during the 1940s by different companies founded by three Rapaport brothers who had immigrated from Poland. 

We have all collected this rather ordinary furniture, made of Swedish blonde maple and genuine walnut, for our dollhouses.  With no makers mark, it is hard for us to identify these pieces of furniture made in scales from 1:24 to 1:12.  Patty has excelled once more in organizing the different series of each brand of furniture and providing illustrations showcasing this dollhouse furniture we have come to love. 

Did you know that Nancy Forbes produced a line of walnut upholstered furniture? Or that Donna Lee was a real little girl?  Just two of the many questions answered in this wonderful book. Added bonus is a collection of vintage Winsor dollhouse dolls gracing the the pages.

I never thought I would be excited to learn about Nancy Forbes and Donna Lee dollhouse furniture, but it has happened and I think you will be also. 

This is the 20th publication by Patty Cooper on dollhouses  and dollhouse furniture. All books listed below can be found on Blurb.com.  

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