Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's take a tour of a 1950s Rich Toys rancher

This ranch style dollhouse was made by Rich Toy Co circa 1950.
It has four rooms....kitchen, open plan living/dining room,
and a bedroom which includes an en suite bathroom.

An additional play area for the young owner is the large front porch
that is open on two sides.

This is the right side of the house...let's go inside.

The front door opens directly into what is currently being used as a dining room.

This large L-shaped area is being utilized as three separate venues....
dining room, living room and television area.

The space to the right of the dining room is set up as an area to watch television.


Behind the television area is the living room.
It is located in the front of the house and used mainly for entertaining.

The modular set in the living area was made by Strombecker in the late 1930s. 
  With the exception of the kitchen hutch, all of the furniture
 in this rancher was made by Strombecker,

This house comes with a wood-burning fireplace
and enough area in front of it to sit and enjoy its' warmth.

Are those hand-rolled?

The small galley style kitchen is found to the left of the dining area.
It has enough space to hold the three main appliances
and a hutch for dishes and food items.

But it is still large enough to prepare a meal and wide enough for floor seating.

This is the left side of the house. The bedroom opens directly off of the living room.
One has to assume the roof would need to be lifted off to play in this area.
The roof is quite heavy, so that would mean a parent would need to be involved.

The bedroom is a nice size and includes an en suite bathroom.

Even with twin beds the room is not crowded.

The bathroom is quite large and even has room for a clothes hamper.

Fake florescent lighting is included to light the sink area.

You've seen the front and sides of the house, now here is the back.

and here is the house as seen from above with the roof taken off.
I hope you have enjoyed this tour of this mid-century dollhouse.