Saturday, December 7, 2013

A new room box from Oma

The postman just delivered a huge box from Oma. Once opened, Dieter and Elsbeth discover it is a huge room box for Elsbeth's dollies.  They are so can tell they are from the looks of delight on their little faces!  They stare transfixed at the big big present from their Oma.

Oma sent lots of dolls house furniture to go in the large room box too!

They decide that the bed should go in first....and together they tug and pull to get it into place.  Dieter works so hard that his hat falls off. Elsbeth's hat stays on because she glued it to her head this morning.

   Dieter is so big and strong that he is able to move the little chest
into the room box all by himself.
Finally everything is in place. Elsbeth brings her dollies that Oma brought her from Mexico to live in the new room box.
Elsbeth and Dieter ask mom to take their picture and send to Oma so she can see how happy they are with her wonderful gift!
The miniature furniture was made by Dora Kuhn and was purchased separately from the room box itself. I have always assumed the room box ( 6¾” x 4¼” x 2¾”)  was also manufactured by Dora Kuhn since it is normally seen with this same furniture. This room box is marked made in Germany US Zone.
Elsbeth and Dieter are bisque dolls from Germany and very much like other sets I have that were sold by FAO Schwarz toy store.