My Rich Toys houses

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#1  1935,   "Modern American"  No. 110G


 Bottom floor furnished with Kage furniture.

#2  1936,  "One-story Cottage/Guest House"

Furnished with Kage

#3  1936  "Red Chimney One

Furnished with Kage and Strombecker

# 4   1936,  "English Half-Timber"

# 5   1936,  The Kent

Furnished with Barton Tudor, Strombecker, 

#6   1936,  The Creston

# 7  1936,  The York 

Furnished with Strombecker

#8  1936,  The Elwood

#9  1938, The Avon (3rd version)  No. 281

#10  1938,  No. 1282

#11   1938, The Birchwood No. 283

#12   1938, The Windsor No. 283

#13   1938, The Surburban

Furnished with Strombecker, Lynnfield, MIJ and Chestnut Hill products   

# 14  1939, "Rich with Moon Shutters"

Furnished with Kage, exception is bathroom

#15   1939, "Rich with Breezeway and Yard"

#16  1940,  No. 575

# 17   1940,   "Faux Balcony"  No. 580

#18  1940, "Triple Dormers" No. 581

Upholstered pieces are Queen Anne furniture.

# 19    1946,  "Peaked Windows with Fence"

# 20  1946,  "Round Window with Trellis"

#21  1947,  "Colonial with 5 windows"

Furnished with Canadian Reliable furniture

#22  1948,  "Blue Shutters Clapboard with Bench"

Furnished with Ardee and Plasco furniture  

#23   1948,  "Tudor with Brown Benches" No. 839

# 24  1949,  "Ranch House"

Furnished with Strombecker furniture


  1. I want them all!!!!!

  2. I see you have some houses that I once owned and sold! Now I have sellers REGRET! PS You have such neat furnishings! Diane Hogan

  3. I have a Rich Toys house. I got one for Christmas when I was 3 years old (way back in 1948), and years ago my mother gave it away. I found one just like it on Ebay about ten years ago, and now it's one of my treasures! By the way, I am a miniature builder and have a few of my creations on my blog. If you are interested, click on the page titled "My World in Miniatures" right under the blog header. The page isn't complete, and the photos aren't professional, but it will give you an idea. I am enjoying your site

  4. Do you have a Rich Toy house with holes in the room dividers? It seem to remember mine as a child had a round rod with wing nuts to help stablize the house.

    Thanks! Linda Holley

  5. I checked my houses and none had holes in the room dividers....but that support system sounds vaguely familiar. I will check the ladies who are writing the book on Rich Toys houses and ask if they have discovered this system in any of the houses they have found. Will get back to you.
    What style was your house....plantation, Tudor, traditional?

  6. Are those a Lynnefield stove and sink in the 1939 house? Thanks.

  7. The kitchen set is most often attributed to Lynnfield, but I have seen it auctioned on ebay with an original box marked "Jenny Lynd". Perhaps that was an original brand produced by Lynnfield. You can see a picture of the furniture and the box on another post from 2012:
    I posted about the Rich Suburban here if you are interested in seeing better pictures of that kitchen:

  8. Hi, thank you for sharing this information. My friend has two Rich houses that I do not see here. Is there somewhere else I can look? Thanks! D

    1. Dorothy, I'm glad you asked! In 2017 Patty Cooper and 2 other collectors published a book on Rich Toys dollhouses after finding more than 100 variations of Rich dollhouses. That book doesn't seem to be available from the publisher at this time; however, if you can send a picture of the houses to me at I will be happy to see if your friend's houses were included in the book and share any information available on them. Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers!

  9. Hi Thank you so much for all this great information. You really helped me identify one of my friend has two rich houses that I don’t see here. I was wondering if there was somewhere else I could check?Thanks!

  10. Hi Florine, do you mind if I send you a photo of my Rich Toys dollhouse? I haven't yet found one exactly like it... I love it! I know alot of the house's history and even have the original sales receipt, though the date is faded and hard to read. Someone told me they thought it was made in the 30's. Thank you!
    Laura Benson

    1. Elle Bee, I'm sorry I missed your letter, google usually notifies me when I have new mail. I would love to see a picture of your Rich Toy house. Rich mad more than 100 different versions of their houses, often just changing 1-2 thing to sell as a new version. Collectors are always ready to see new versions of these wonderful old ladies! cheers!

  11. We just got what I think is a version of the 1946 round window house at our neighbor's estate sale. She played with it as a little girl and it downsizing. Our little girls were ecstatic! Our entry is a match for the 1948 clapboard though with the bench and triangular overhang. There is a slot to the left of the door. In looking at other pictures I saw a few doorbells in other dollhouses. Could this have had one? I'm glad to share a picture of the interior and exterior if able. We were also able to get several rooms of furniture. Google tells me it's a mix of plasco, renewal?, and ideal petite princess. I'm having fun if you can't tell! We plan to spruce it up a bit for the girls to play with and the original owner is overjoyed to hear it.

  12. I don't have that particular Rich house but The Rich Toys dollhouse book by Patty Cooper show 2 different versions of the house...1 fencing printed on the front of the house and the other without the fencing but with lamp posts close to the end of each side. Many of the Rich dollhouses in the 1940s had the was a bowl-shaped disc on the inside by the door. Not all of them survived....I usually took them out of my houses. Please do share pictures of the inside, outside and I love that you are excited about this house and I know the previous owner is happy that it is going to a good home. I would love to do a post on your new found treasure if you are willing to share. Cheers to you!

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your information.. I am just getting started trying to figure out how to restore my Rich house. Any idea where I might start or how to begin. If I repaint it am I destroying the integrity of the house. The house is for my pleasure only and the sentiments it holds for me. Chris

    1. Chris,
      JoAnn Belanger, Etsy owner of Dollhouse Wonders, has published a book on Restoring Vintage Masonite Dollhouses, selling for $3 plus postage in her Etsy shop. She also makes reproduction pieces for parts missing on Rich and Keystone houses. Several items are listed under each listing. I am sure she would be willing to answer any questions you might have. Here is a link to the book on her shop... She can be reached at Good luck with your restoration! Cheers!