My Rich Toys houses

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furnished with Canadian Reliable furniture.

 Bottom floor furnished with Kage furniture.

#  3   1950

Upholstered pieces are Queen Anne furniture.

# 4   Small Rich from 1930s


# 5   1940s



# 7   The Creston, 1938

with Ardee and Plasco furniture 

# 10   1930s

# 11   The Kent, 1930s


# 12    1950

with Strombecker furniture

# 14  1941


# 16  1950s

# 17  The Elwood, 1930s
# 18  1950s



  1. I want them all!!!!!

  2. I see you have some houses that I once owned and sold! Now I have sellers REGRET! PS You have such neat furnishings! Diane Hogan

  3. I have a Rich Toys house. I got one for Christmas when I was 3 years old (way back in 1948), and years ago my mother gave it away. I found one just like it on Ebay about ten years ago, and now it's one of my treasures! By the way, I am a miniature builder and have a few of my creations on my blog. If you are interested, click on the page titled "My World in Miniatures" right under the blog header. The page isn't complete, and the photos aren't professional, but it will give you an idea. I am enjoying your site

  4. Do you have a Rich Toy house with holes in the room dividers? It seem to remember mine as a child had a round rod with wing nuts to help stablize the house.

    Thanks! Linda Holley

  5. I checked my houses and none had holes in the room dividers....but that support system sounds vaguely familiar. I will check the ladies who are writing the book on Rich Toys houses and ask if they have discovered this system in any of the houses they have found. Will get back to you.
    What style was your house....plantation, Tudor, traditional?

  6. Are those a Lynnefield stove and sink in the 1939 house? Thanks.

  7. The kitchen set is most often attributed to Lynnfield, but I have seen it auctioned on ebay with an original box marked "Jenny Lynd". Perhaps that was an original brand produced by Lynnfield. You can see a picture of the furniture and the box on another post from 2012:
    I posted about the Rich Suburban here if you are interested in seeing better pictures of that kitchen: