Monday, September 28, 2009

My Dolly's House by Amloid

This tiny dollhouse was produced by Amloid Company of Rochelle Park, New Jersey. The design of the house, furniture and the box that housed it speak out for early 1950's....although having a tv antenna may make it mid 1950's. My family got their first TV in 1955, and we were probably the last in the neighborhood to have one of those wonder-boxes!

The box has the original sticker price of 98 cents.

Marketing on the box is great...."with 30 pieces of movable furniture".... "it's fun to rearrange the furniture"! So all little girls could have a dollhouse; no matter how small, this one was easy to afford and easy to store.
How small is it? Nine inches by six inches with walls 2.25 inches tall. This house is probably the size of houses used in model train layouts.

The roof removes for play. I have only 17 of the 30 pieces of furniture sold with this house. I am missing a kitchen table and chairs, bathroom sink, playpen and baby chest, piano stool, tv, one of sectional sofa pieces, corner table, and tall lamp. I added the fir trees on the front porch.

The living room is 3.75" by 3"... and the front door actually opens!

I do wonder what type of dollys were available for this size house. I remember the little soft plastic baby dolls available at the "dime store" during the 1950's, but little girls would have wanted parents to live in this house.

Washing machine housed in the kitchen!

That pretty green bed is 1.75" by 1.25".

It doesn't show up in the pictures, but the living room, hallway, and entry are embossed with "wood" floors with area rugs on top. The bath and the kitchen have embossed "tile" floors, and the baby's room has an embossed carpet with blocks that spell out B-A-B-Y.
I'm sure many little girls enjoyed hours of play with this small dollhouse back in the "good old days"!


  1. It reminds me of prefab houses in the UK after WWII, also of what are laughably called 'mobile homes' in the UK, but are actually large static caravan/chalets which sit in holiday parks and have to be moved by lorry to a different park.

  2. I also have one of these house and have been looking for the miniature furniture. If you ever hear of any for sale, I would wish there were a way you could tell me.