Friday, September 30, 2016

A NEW book on Kage Dollhouse furniture now available!!

Kage Dollhouse Furniture 1938-1948 by Patty Cooper and George Mundorf  has forty pages and over 120 color photos documenting the style changes of this company from depression era Art Deco through the more cozy traditional style popular during World War II. Kage furniture is still findable and perfect for furnishing vintage dollhouses such as Rich or Keystone.

The Kage book is available through The Blurb Bookstore for $33.59 plus shipping. A preview of this book is available on their website.

If you would prefer to pay by check, this book can be purchased directly from Patty for $34.00 including first class mail.  Please include your name and address with a check to: Patty Cooper, 3237 Garden Drive, Knoxville, TN 37918. If you have questions, please email Patty at

Patty Cooper has done it again...and this time she brought George Mundorf with her! They have produced a wonderful resource book on the popular Kage dollhouse furniture that so many of us love. From the early large furniture called "Modernette Miniatures" to the later cozy upholstered pieces for which Kage is so beloved, Patty and George have provided scores of samples ...and I guarantee you will want all of them in your collection! New pieces rarely seen are included...a table top radio, a baby scale, table lamps and vases. Wonderful room settings and a history of the Kage Company complete this great resource book. 

This new dollhouse furniture resource book joins Patty's previous book on Schoenhut dollhouse furniture as a must have for the serious collector of the wonderful American dollhouse furniture produced from the late 1920s through the 1940s. And more good news as they also plan resource books on Strombecker, Menasha, Miniaform, Converse, DeLuxe and Lincoln. Thank you Patty and George!

A link to the purchase information has been added to the Pages column for quick access.

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