Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Visiting the Friedrichs in their Karlheinz Klein home

This is the home of Klaus and Frida Friedrich
and their children Horst, Elke, Berta and baby Oskar.
The front door is on the left. On the second floor
Klaus and Frida have a private balcony leading from their bedroom.

This is the back of their home with a balcony and stairs leading from the children's bedroom. 

The sides of their house are open to the weather...it's a good thing they are not really in Germany....but in warm Texas....with air conditioning.  

Let's meet the family....

Klaus and Frida are bisque dolls from Germany. 
The Friedrich children are Ermey dolls also from Germany.

Breakfast in the kitchen, with Frida taking the freshly baked bread from the oven 
and Klaus telling Horst and Berta to sit down on their benches. 

After breakfast, Frida clears the table 
and Klaus starts on the dishes.

Klaus is slow doing his chores.

After breakfast  Horst, Elke and Berta play 
in their room because it is Saturday and there is no school. 

Horst likes to play with his toy train.

 Elke likes to sit on Horst's top bunk and read.

 Berta is happy watching Horst play with his train... 
because when he is at school she gets to play with it,
 and he doesn't know that she plays with it.

 This is the Friedrich's cozy living room and dining room. 
Cozy or crowded, your choice.

Seating for at least five in the living area....

and seating for five in the dining area. 

Frida and Klaus had planned for an evening out....

but instead decide to stay in and enjoy a good book. 

This is the bedroom shared by Klaus, Frida and baby Oskar.

Frida tucks in baby Oskar for the night
while Klaus hangs up his clothes that he will wear again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that ....because they are dollhouse dolls and have no change of clothes.

Lights out and every one tucked in for the night....

...including baby Oskar! 

Spielwarenfabrik Karlheinz Klein manufactured this dollhouse in Wiesloch, Germany, in 1954. Thanks to a reader who identified the maker of this rare dollhouse from the information below.

Karlheinz Klein also made a school roombox. The German dollhouse blog, diePuppenstubensammlerin, shows this roombox and she has kindly given me permission to show it in this post. Be sure to follow the link to view her post! 

Here is a room box holding my set of 
Klein school desks with Ermey dolls.

The furniture in this dollhouse was made by Dora Kuhn; it is in 1:10 scale. With the exception of the red flower box, I think that all the pieces shown are original Dora Kuhn. 
If I have labeled an item of furniture that is not Dora Kuhn, please advise so I may correct the information.

 Here are views of the furniture by room... 

Living room

Dining room



Children's room


Outdoor furniture
(the flower box is not Dora Kuhn)


  1. What a lovely home and the inhabitants are very busy! I have not seen this house before, the Kuhn looks beautiful and is very fitting. I have never seen a baby bed but it sure looks Kuhn to me.
    I enjoy reading this!

    1. I saw this dollhouse one other time on Ebay, but was delighted when Maureen contacted me and was able to identify it. The house is now on the way to Maureen!

  2. I am curious, does Maureen have a blog or Website?

  3. She hasn't indicated that she has either. I think this might be the start of a collection for her.

  4. You and I have almost the very same Dora Kuhn peasant dollhouse! I love the snowy scene you have created.

    1. I so enjoyed your post on your small Dora Kuhn dollhouse similar to mine! So wonderfully decorated....all the special touches make it seem like one is visiting a real home. Now I have found a place to put my rabbit hutch...thank you! The previous owner of my dollhouse removed the decorative front of the second floor and it is open to add furniture. Hoping to finish decorating it soon and introduce my little dolls that live there to everyone. I have a lot of reading to catch up on all your wonderful posts! Cheers!

    2. I shared your post on Hitty with a friend in Wisconsin who also loves the little doll. She was delighted!

  5. Florine - thank you for this lovely story in this dollhouse. Information and entertainment - both in one.
    Thank you for sharing this house with us.
    Sigi & Gerhard
    The specialists for Dora Kuhn
    you can click on all the drawers of the dresser and read the articles

    1. Thank you Sigi! I had this house for many years and was delighted when Maureen was able to identify it for me. It is on the way to her home so possibly soon she will share pictures of it with the little furniture made for this house.
      I have visited your website many times and learn something new with every visit! Thanks for sharing so much information on the lovely DK houses and furniture. Cheers!

  6. I have had one of these for about a year and a half and it is so adorable. Selling it to make room for three others I just bought. It truly is addicting.

  7. LOL! Dorothy, you are hooked! Welcome to the club!!