Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday nite in suburbia......

Karen Wagner cleans up the kitchen while her hubby Doug smokes an after-dinner stogey on the veranda. She is trying to figure out how to add a dishwasher to her tiny kitchen....
Doug enjoys his stogey while thinking about his single days before he met Karen. He wonders what happened to that cute little blonde he dated while working in Canada. The last he heard she had married and was living in one of Susan's Mini Homes with her hubby and kids. Boy could she put away the vino!

Stogey finished, Doug pops his favorite Art Porter CD into the player...a little mood music, he hopes! He yells at Karen to fix some martinis when she finishes in the kitchen.....

Karen wheels the coffee into the parlor.
Doug: "What happened to the martinis, Karrie-baby?"
Karen: "Oh, Douglas, I thought you would enjoy coffee more. I'll play some showtunes for you while you have your coffee! Off the davenport, Miss Sallie!"

Karen thinking: I wish he would fix that window. There is such a draft on my legs when I play. I really would like to re-decorate this room with a modern flair. Oh, did I miss a note there? Not to worry, Douglas is probably not even listening. I wonder if we could get Oese to come from Germany---I love what she does in her little houses! I would have to watch her closely, however, in case she wanted to put one of those scratchy sponge sofas in here! If I could get Louise to invite us out for a weekend visit to stay at her Welsh Princess cottage with that romantic 4 poster bed...umn....maybe I could convince Douglas to pay to bring Oese here!

Doug thinking: Coffee and showtunes. What a way to spend Saturday nite! Umn, too bad I let that party girl Dianne get away. She married that young Mike Praeger and moved back to Australia. Last time I saw her on the net, she was living in one of Rebecca's homes and still lookin' good! Wonder where that draft is coming from?


  1. Oh sounds to me like Doug and Karen should take separate vacations this year! She to the B&B at Grandma's Attic where she can snuggle with a good book and a cup of tea in an old four-poster bed and Doug can visit some sleezie motel all alone with a handful of quarters for the jerky massage bed! Then when they both come home they will see how much they have missed each other!
    Thanks so much for mentioning my Grandma's Attic---our door is always open to avid mini collectors! Hugs. Louise

  2. Either that or they'll be heading for a divorce :-) Doug sounds as if he's always thinking the grass is greener somewhere else - I bet Dianne is glad she didn't marry him! Not that he was around long enough for that to cross her mind at all - Doug is putting far too much meaning into his memories of their casual friendship.

    I think the furniture's great, myself - at least to look at. I've never been convinced that those regency sofas would be comfortable. And wow, there's a CD player in that very cool vintage gramophone case?

    (I had to look up stogey, by the way. The online dictionary says it's a "long, slender, roughly made, inexpensive cigar". That thing Doug's got is definitely not slender! Seems he over-indulges in more ways than one.)

  3. The dog looks comfy on the regency sofa, but I agree, I've got one for my house, and the doll perches on it rather than sits.

    What an interesting story line - it seems that Doug and Karen need to talk to each other more!

  4. I have a horrible suspicion she is already living a double life in my Keystone house.....

  5. Louise, great idea for Doug! All smiles on that one...and he probably would be too!

  6. Boy, Doug sure gets around. It seems he has a girl in every mini-port. I can see that Karen is way too good for him. She is very elegant.
    I love the furniture and the room settings - Karen's work obviously.
    It tickles me that the dolls from all our blogs are developing relationships. What fun!

  7. Rebecca, ...stogey! I looked it up for the correct spelling and was SHOCKED! A long slender cigar is a panetella. I polled my co-workers, asking them to describe a stogey, and with no exceptions (including Elizabeth from Nigeria) they said "a short fat cigar". I guess it must be a regional term for Texas.

    Back in the 60's a term was coined for men like Doug...male chauvinist pig! They were everywhere. "Doug's" of the 60's helped bring about the women's movement; we marched, we burned our bras, Helen Reddy's recording of I Am Woman was our theme song. So, I imagine that Doug was never ever a contender for Dianne's heart! But I did have fun creating him as I have known so many. And Americans are notorious for ripping the guts from antique radios and installing new technology...wouldn't a real Doug do that?

    Also, I am truly enjoying Stars of is a great read...thank you very much for recommending it!

  8. Doll mum, umn...someone needs to come up with a marriage counselor on their blog; Karen and Doug can be their first patients!
    If you are interested in seeing this same regency couch in an absolutely fabulous dollhouse, check out and look for the 1976 Robertson-Lynnfield house in her collections. This house and it's furnishings are fantastic.
    I was looking back at your earlier blogs the other day and discovered the houses you built as a teen...totally amazing! Are you considering building again? You definitely should!

  9. Busy we have a trans-Atlantic hussy??? Do you think Doug knows? We both made her rather ditzy!

  10. Susan, do you think Doug actually dated your little blonde....or did he just worship her from afar? Hope he doesn't turn up on your doorstep!

  11. I love your story, even though I certainly don't love Doug!! He sounds like a really awful man, I agree that Karen is way too good for him! (And since I play the piano myself, I think it's a real shame that Doug doesn't seem to appreciate her music) So funny how you have brought in persons from other blogs in your story!

    Love your kitchen as well!

  12. Looks like I need to come up with some redeeming qualities for Mr. Doug. He may not have any! Smiles...

  13. This is better than Desperate Housewives. I'll stayed tuned and you guys keep it up.

  14. Can you tell me more about the background of the Doug doll? I think he must be pretty rare, I have been looking at Caco doll images and haven't seen others like him. Where is the best place to go to look for Caco dolls to purchase?

    I love your site and houses. Thanks!