Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buy of the year...Dora Kuhn delights!

Although many of the blogs I follow have an affinity for modern decor, my personal preference is for the vintage dollhouses and dollhouse furniture. I have a total fascination for vintage Dora Kuhn furniture; it must be my German heritage!
And I love it when I have a really great win on eBay. I wanted just the beds in this auction, but of course you can't tell the seller, "I want to bid on just the beds, please!" Evidently not many buyers were interested, because I won this entire set for $42US! (And right after I won this set, a dear friend sold just 2 of the larger scale blue chairs for $44US.)
Several of the pieces in this set are marked Made in Germany US Zone; so that would date them back to at least the 1950's, right? They have a lovely patina, mainly because the varnish has started to yellow. One blue chest is missing a drawer, but I will make that an open shelf....on my list that keeps growing!

I didn't realize until they arrived that they were the smaller 1:16 scale, so I couldn't use them with my other Dora Kuhn furniture. I placed them in a Keystone of Boston dollhouse from the late 1930s and liked the here they will stay.
Dad lost his coat before he came to live in the village, so that is another item on my 'to do' list.

Do you have a really good buy from 2009?


  1. Well Missy... What a score you got. Joy, Joy, Joy! I'm going to have to ponder my best buy because there were so many. Oh maybe that corner hay rack at the auction I paid 50 cents for and found a vintage enamel coffee pot that sold for $64. Now that was a good buy. It enabled me to get more LUNDBY! What a cute lot you got. It looks really great in your house. Thanks for sharing with all of us dear lady.

  2. Wow, that is amazing! And it looks terrific in this Keystone house, with its plain walls. I have a small amount of blue Dora Kuhn furniture, which I've given to my Erna Meyer dolls in German costume. - As for my best buy, I'll have to give that some thought - will get back to you!

  3. Your furniture is a score! I am waiting to receive puppenhus from Germny. I think it will be here after the first, but you never know it can take longer over this Christms season. It was very reasonable...until shipping. I had friend in Germnny to help me if I got in trouble, but now I just wait, every day is like the night before Christms for me! I hope it comes,xoxo C

  4. To have shared so many good buys with me that I am tempted to ask you for some lucky lotto numbers!!

    To Rebecca....I was looking at your Dora Kuhn furniture earlier (it comes up when one googles DK!) and just realized you have a tiny roombox within your larger roombox! I find a new treat everytime I look at your blogs. Also looked at your wonderful Cupboard House again and discovered your Menasha Woodenware radio, tri-legged table and pedestal table in the lounge...another recent great buy for me. And I love hearing about other great don't forget to share!

    To C....Yes! You said that so well...waiting for the dollhouse item you felt so lucky to win is just like the night before Christmas! I hope you will share it with us when it arrives!

  5. wow - florine what a great score!! the furniture is lovely and it´s perfect with the keystone house!

    i could not tell you which of my lundby & dolls house buys in 2009 were the best, because i guess the most of them were good buys. my budget for this hobby isn´t that big, so i always fix myself a limit and if i get the things, i get them - if not it´s okay, too. and in this way a made a lot bargains this year :)

    i hope you had wonderful christmas days and i´m wishing you a great 2010!!


  6. Nicola...very wise thinking! I too have learned to set a limit and not be disappointed when I don't win. Very nice to hear you have had many good bargains this year!
    THank you for the new year wishes...I am wishing the same for you and your family. :) Flo

  7. Hello Florine,
    I just noticed you've become a follower of my humble blog, which led me to your amazing blog. Wow! I could get lost in your miniature world. Your obsession is fascinating. I'll be back to peep into your little world.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and may 2010 bring lot's of tiny, special treasures to you.
    P.S. I'll add your blog to my blog list.

  8. I've enjoyed looking through your pages as I am about to sell a lot of my doll house furnishings. I'm British (expat) but grew up in NYC. Many of my furniture pieces came from the UK, Germany, US etc. and I've been trying to identify them--your blog has been most helpful. I used to have the same box/room you have on another page with the 2 windows with shutters, it used to be a school room for me. I'm sure I sold it on eBay a few years ago -- along with the 3 legged blackboard and 4/6 slide in desks that were made in wood (one entire piece). It was originally purchased (I believe) at FAO Schwarz by my parents who were as avid about collecting. Many thanks for your blog! I know it's a sin to sell but our grandkids are not interested and would rather someone else enjoy the pieces. As to the original doll house, which my father made by hand -- I don't even want to say what happened to it but it is no more -- I'm hoping my pieces bring happiness to someone. Cheers!

    1. I am happy to know that my blog has helped in identifying some of your dollhouse pieces. I didn't keep my childhood dollhouse...and I still have the dollhouse I built for my daughter in 1978, so I understand about grandkids not being interested. Please share your ebay ID with me so I can watch for your special treasures! Cheers!

  9. I have the Dora Kuhn set with bed, armoire, dresser, cradle, table and chairs which I would like to sell as a set. Anyone interested?