Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas over the years in my dollhouse village....

Christmas 2018.... 
 in a 1941 Keystone of Boston dollhouse 
with Tiny Town dolls and Lynnfield Blockhouse furniture.


Christmas 2017.... 
in a 1960 German Dora Kuhn dollhouse 
with German Caco dolls and Dora Kuhn furniture. 

Christmas 2016.... 
in a 1950 Keystone of Boston dollhouse 
with German Kunstlerschutz dolls and Kage furniture.


Christmas 2015....
in a 1924 Triang dollhouse from UK
with German Caco dolls and German red stain furniture.

Christmas 2014....
in a 1949 Rich Toys dollhouse
with German Caco dolls and Strombecker furniture.

Christmas 2013....
in a 1940 Rich Toys dollhouse 
with German Caco dolls.

Christmas 2012....
in a 1928 Schoenhut dollhouse
with German bisque dolls and Schoenhut furniture. 

To see Christmas decorations in my dollhouse village in 2009, 
click on Greetings of the Season....from Texas!

Wishing all of my readers
a wonderful holiday season
and the best of 2019!


  1. Looks like Christmas around the world! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very Charming - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  3. Belated Christmas Greetings, but enjoying the great photos of your collection!