Friday, July 6, 2018

Easy-to-Make Cardboard Dollhouse Plans

The information and dollhouse plans in this post appeared in an article in Family Circle magazine in December 1976. At the time I was contemplating building a dollhouse for my daughter and I couldn't decide how I wanted to build it. And yes, I still have this article after 42 years and no I am not really a hoarder!  I actually built a house by these plans but constructed it out of plywood instead of cardboard. But this house made of cardboard could be a good project for a big brother (with help from dad of course) to make for a little sister. Or for a grand dad to make for grand daughter to play with when she visits. 

The house, designed by architect Jeff Milstein exclusively for Family Circle,  is made of corrugated cardboard....from large boxes found free at appliance stores or a box store for a low price. The article says all you will need to buy is spray paint! You will need a utility knife, glue, and a metal straight edge. Wallpaper can be made from white or colored paper and felt-tip pens.


Sides: cut 2

Roof:  cut 2


Interior Walls:

Floors:  Plan indicates to cut two; actually you will need 3 because they recommend you glue 2 together to make the bottom floor sturdy...the 3rd is for the second floor.

Chimney: cut 2 of each piece

 Door and Window Frames: 


Patterns for paper dollhouse furniture can be found in abundance on Pinterest, and I posted plans for some I have made in a previous post.

If you make this little dollhouse, please send  pictures to me at and I will be delighted to show them on this blog. Happy building!


  1. so well remember my husband making 2 of these way back when for kids in the family - still have the instructions somewhere - nice to see it again. i remember it being sturdy and he had fun making it.

    P Miller

  2. My Dad made this dollhouse for my daughter Rachel's 4th birthday back in 1992. (I had saved the instructions and still have them today). Now I'm planning to update it with new furniture and dolls for Rachel's daughter Cora's 4th birthday this year. I have 6 months to get it done. Just wish my Dad was still here to see it. RIP Papa Ron.

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories! I would love to share the story of your dad making this dollhouse for your daughter and your refurbishing it for Rachel's daughter. Would you be willing to share before and after pictures and story with my readers? You can contact me at Cheers!