Monday, July 23, 2018

Can you identify the maker of this dollhouse?

Jane is trying to find information on her dollhouse that she received in the middle to late 1960s. Specifically, she would like to know the name of the company that produced this lovely large dollhouse. It is made of Masonite with plastic windows and stairs. 

It has 5 large rooms and an entry hall that houses the stairs. It looks like a great dollhouse to play with....for both little and big girls! 

This is the second time I have been contacted about identifying the maker of this particular model dollhouse. Several years ago I was contacted by Julie, but as far as I remember I was unable to help. Here are pictures of Julie's house.

We know two people have this lovely dollhouse....there are bound to be more houses that survived through the years.  

If you can identify the company that produced this wonderful dollhouse, please leave a comment below or feel free to contact me at  Or, if you have this same dollhouse but don't know the maker, feel free to send me a picture and I will be happy to post them on this blog. I am hoping someone will be able to tell us more about this special dollhouse!

Update:  Thanks to Troy Bettridge for letting us know that he posted about this model dollhouse in 2011 after seeing it in the Smithsonian Institute in a display of Toys of the White House Children. The dolllhouse Troy saw belonged to Amy Carter, daughter of President Jimmy Carter. 
Searching further, I found an article in Rebecca's Collections blog explaining that this model dollhouse was made from a "Craft Patterns Doll House Packet" designed by prolific dollhouse designer Albert Neely Hall. The pattern was first printed in 1958, with later patterns that included the house, breezeway and a garage.  The craft pattern included the brick paper, paper to cover the shutters, and plastic windows. 
Information was also included that this pattern can often be found on Ebay!  Thanks to Troy for sharing his information!


  1. I posted about a house just like this a while back:

    It belonged to Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy and is located in the Smithsonian. Although it doesnt help with the manufacturer, its nice to know there are others around.

    1. Thanks Troy! Jane said she received her dollhouse in the late 1960s, so it sounds like it was popular and around for a good while. I will share your info with Jane and maybe we can discover who made Amy Carter's dollhouse. Cheers! Floirne

    2. Got that right! Thanks for the smiles on this dreary November day!

  2. Peggy Whitt a mennonite lady made the dollhouse.