Thursday, July 26, 2018

A re-purposed Dora Kuhn armoire

This is a 10" Dora Kuhn armoire....
a good size to use as doll furniture for 8-10" dolls. 

Because I am not a doll collector, I have re-purposed it 
as a dollhouse for my collection of small Dora Kuhn furniture. 
I removed the vertical divider and the two shelves to the left side
 and added one shelf to form the second floor of my newest dollhouse. 

 The first floor houses the living area with a corner heater, an armoire,  
a table, two chairs and a bench. I printed a border on cream colored index paper to mimic the wonderful Dora Kuhn room boxes. 

 The second floor is the parents bedroom with a four poster canopy bed, an armoire and a trunk beneath a picture of children playing in the park.

The top floor is the nursery for the new baby in the dollhouse!

Lina and Ernst Klein live in this little dollhouse 
with their new little daughter Zelda.

The armoire is 2¼” tall. The bed is 3½” long and 2¼” tall.   

The table is 2" long and 1¼” tall. 
Each chair is 1½” tall, while the bench is 2" long. 

The heater is 2" wide and 1½” tall. The 2 drawer chest is 2" wide.    

The trunk is 1¾” wide and the cradle is 1½” wide.
There are no working parts on this tiny furniture.  

Guten tag from Lina and Ernst!