Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little time to share with Felipe...

It's a nice Spring morning at Villa Hogarin. Little Rocio came early to see her Abuelita Rigoberta and Abuelito Felipe because Consuela promised to make her famous Spanish pancakes for Rocio.  Yum yum yum!  Breakfast finished, Consuela is cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

Abuelito Felipe is out on the steps enjoying his third cup of coffee while he pets El Gato and listens to the bluebird sing. Oh, how he enjoys the first days of springtime...he could sit here forever.   El Gato is listening to the bluebird sing also...and wishes abuelito would hurry and finish the coffee and go inside so he could try to catch that fat little bird.

Oh, look, Consuela is really busy today!  Such a good helper for abuelita!  She likes to work in high - heeled shoes because Felipe tells her how shapely her legs are when she wears heels. Tee-hee!

Is that abuelita in the background reading a book to little Rocio?  But isn't it time for her favorite TV show, Pick your Destination! on The Travel Channel?

Yes, abuelita is sneaking peeks at different travel spots while she reads to little Rocio. Oh,  where would she like to go this spring...and take Felipe of course!
"Oh, do you see that, Rocio? A time-share in a nice little village in the rolling hills of Illinois, with sweet little shops and walks through the countryside. Deer hunting!  No, not for me!   I wonder if they have a romantic little restaurant with a nice combo for dancing? Look at the time-share, Rocio.   What a lovely place...with a fireplace and a little kitchenette...just perfect for abuelito and abuelita!"
"Abuelita, you're not R-E-A-D-I-N-G !!" says little Rocio (who evidently wants to grow up to be a movie star just like Sharon Stone).
"Shh! Rocio, what was that number?  Let me write it down.  1-800-Got-Dolls....and ask for Millie."

"Hello, Millie? This is Rigoberta Hogarin.  I would like  to make a reservation.....

                                                                          to be continued......


  1. I love Consuela's high heels! Look forward to the next episode.


  2. Thanks, Pan! These little dolls always bring smiles to my face. :)

  3. Ha ha ha, I didnt know your blog but this is so funny you'll see me around a lot!

  4. Hi Begona, and welcome! I have an earlier post on the Hogarins, January 14, that you might also enjoy....they are such happy little dolls!

  5. Awww, what a cute idea! Sending Abuelita & Abuelito to Amy for a time-share in a nice little village in the rolling hills of Illinois... and i just saw the cool car they will drive :) they will feel like on a honeymoon jorney again ;D


    PS: And i have a notion how you fixed the phone on abuelita´s hand :)

  6. Hi Nicola! Glad you like our idea! They should have fun at Amy's...I'm sure she has lots of fun plans for them!
    Ah, yes, the gob of wax shows in abuelita's hand! This is great stuff, totally removable and reusable. If you can't find it in Germany, I will be happy to send some. :)