Monday, March 22, 2010

Leaving...on a jet plane

Rigoberta is so excited about the trip she and her hubby Felipe are taking to a sweet little time-share cottage in Illinois. She has all of her suitcases out and is busy trying to decide what to take with her. Isn't that always the problem? Oops, must leave a little room for Felipe!

Their good neighbor, Gund Slinger, volunteered to take them to the airport. Gund is thinking... that's a lot of suitcases!  Rigoberta is wishing Gund would keep his eyes on the road in front of him.  Felipe is wishing the windshield were higher because he is getting a lot of bugs in his teeth.

"Felipe!  Get a trolley to carry these bags. Why did you bring your lunch box? Don't you know they will serve  food on the plane?" says Rigoberta.
"Oh, Honeybun, I filled my lunchbox with Ding-Dongs just in case they don't have them in  Illinois!"
"Oh, Felipe, what to do with you! I bet that was Consuela's idea."

"PUSH! Felipe. PUSH!  I think I'm stuck!"

OH!  IT'S A FUN JET VACATION!!      T--A--K--E--O--F--F   !!!

        to be continued again.....but where?


  1. Too funny, I remember that fisher price airplane, I think the neighbor kids had it.

    I loved playing with that. :)

    I don't think they packed enough. ;)

  2. This plane belongs to my little grandson...Nannie borrowed it just like he "borrows" my Lundby car in the pics. :)
    Be sure to check out the Hogarins adventures on Amy's blog this in top right hand corner with a pic of the Hogarins and their rental car! :)

  3. So funny! I love the story and love that the Hogarins are renting Amy's timeshare! Have you escorted them to her or wasn't there any room for you on the plane? :-)

  4. LOL! What a wonderful story! Rigoberta has some wonderful luggage - she's obviously very well travelled. And I love the packed car, the airport - and the plane! A private jet with beds!! How luxurious! Look forward to seeing how their holiday goes.
    ps What are Ding-Dongs?
    pps What will Consuela get up to while Rigoberta is away, I wonder?

  5. Pubdoll, so glad you liked it! I don't remember being invited to come with them....but I'm sure they will have a good time at Amy's!!

    Oh, Amy, we need to talk!!

  6. Rebecca, this one's for you because you are the one who suggested another story with these cuties. Rigoberta is reclining because she doesn't sit..!
    Ding-Dongs are a snack like Twinkies (they are known world-wide,right?) but Ding-Dongs are round chocolate cakes with chocolate icing and a cream center! Yum-yum!
    So Consuela needs to be up to some mischief while Rigoberta is gone....let me think on that one. Did you know that Consuela originally lived at Amy's house....won her on eBay from Amy! She wasn't invited either....

  7. That's so funny. I love the way she's climbing onto the plane. The airport and plane bring back memories from when my kids were little.

  8. Thanks, Florine!
    LOL! I wonder what Amy knows about Consuela, that she doesn't want her back for a visit?
    No, I think Twinkies are American too, we certainly don't have them here in Australia. I just googled them, and found a wikipedia entry (they were invented in Illinois!) - and a query from someone asking where to buy Twinkies in Sydney! So now I've learned about two kinds of cake :-)
    And I'm wondering what kind of non-sitting down activities Rigoberta will find to do on her holiday ;-)

  9. HI Florine...hahahah!!! I love the story and the airplane scene is priceless! I have to you know anything about her hubby? I have that same doll and I always thought he looked like he had a labotomy (spelling?)? For some reason I was remembering that he was Italian. I have not seen his wife however! Very fun and what an imagination you have!! Thanks for the giggle. Hugs, Louise

  10. "PUSH! Felipe. PUSH! I think I'm stuck!"

    GREAT!!!!! ;D


  11. Hi Betty! I first had Felipe pushing Rigoberta into the plane...but it looked a little risque for a Fisher-Price toy! :)

  12. Hi Rebecca! I think Consuela is so big she scared Amy's little peeps...or she would be living on Lundby Lane and Rigoberta would have to do her own housework!
    I'm not sure why Rigo doesn't sit and Felipe does. Consuela is a later addition to the series of dolls and sits as well as Felipe does...
    I just checked on Consuela and she's taking a snooze in Rigo and Felipe's bed!

  13. Hi Louise! The dolls were sold as Hogarin family dolls to go with the Villa Hogarin dollhouse...all from Spain. I just discovered tonight that they were made by Modisa; I wondered earlier why the furniture was so similar. duh! One of my earlier blogs (Jan 14) has the daughter and better pics of the house and Consuela...a friend named the dollies for me.
    Their silly smiles do bring out the silliness in me!

  14. Hi Nicola! Rigo was so chubby I couldn't get Felipe in the plane with her! Good thing it was a pretend flight!

  15. Hi Everybody. No, Flo was invited because I knew she couldn't fit into the Gotland. Plus I only have so many ding-dongs. Just her dolls were invited. The history on the maid / Consuela is I bought a lot of vintage doll house goodies last summer that had sat in the basement of an antique store for atleast a year. I was thrilled and kept all the Lundby items and then there was this goofy looking doll. Hubby and I stuck her in the Bodo Hennig bathtub and laughed and laughed. She actually scared my Lundby peeps so she and the other large items had to move on to a better place. Hence Flo was keen enough to spot her and now Consuela has a good home where she is appreciated and finally has some alone time.