Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day for all Flaggs!

HOWDY!! My name is Melvin Flagg. I'm a cowboy and I ride 'n rope in Texas.

My hostess juss been showin' me a pikshur of a real cute li'l filly livin' up in Canada (they have us cowboys there too). Not too sure, but my hostess might be tryin' to git me to move on. Last munth it were this purty little gal name of Christine that lives way over in Germany with Mz Puppilottchen.... but, heck, I cudn't ride my best friend Buckshot all the way over to Ger-man-y! Gol-ly!

Anyways, this purty li'l filly an her yungun Patsy be in computishun to get to live in a really big hacienda.... plenty room for a REAL man there, too. Purty li'l Mrs. Flagg might be needin' a man to take care of her and that big ole house, know what I mean?

So friend, what I'm a askin' you to do is to go on over to Susan's Mini Homes and cast yur vote for that cute li'l Mrs. Flagg to git to live in that big ole house of Susan's. Ifen she wins, I just might pack my saddle bags, jump on ole Buckshot and mosey on up north to check them fillys out! I do thank ya, pardner, I do thank ya very much!

Hey! Did ya see my girl cusin at Smallstuff's place? She's English. Wernt she all gussied up and lookin' purty in her maid outfit? Must work fer some big im-por-tant Duke or sumthin'. Good looks do run in our family, don't it?

Gol-ly, now I jus seen my fancy cusins, Cal and Bob Flagg, livin it up at Amy's! Oooh boy, all them weapuns! Heavy duty stuff! Never could lern them boys anythang 'bout shootin'. And drinkin licker! Sum un better warn Miss Amy before thay cause big trouble! Can ya hear me Miss Amy? WATCH OUT for them boys when they be drinkin that licker!

Don't ferget to go vote, pardner!


  1. I am laughing so hard I can't even leave a comment.

  2. Thanks ladies! But don't forget to vote if you haven't already...don't want to disappoint Melvin!

  3. you made my day ;D it was hard for me to understand all words but i think i made it :) i don´t know if "purty little gal name of Christine that lives way over in Germany with Mz Puppilottchen" would have fallen in love with a cowboy. she is a bit picky... anyway it´s to far for him with just a horse to travel ;D

    i hope it´s okay for you i found another solution for christine´s menhunt, than to send her to you?! i bought these 2 old lundby-guys (hans-herman & thorfinn) for a real good price and brodde was an eb** find for less money, too... and i was a bit in trouble if christine would have gone lost on her way to the usa...


  4. Flaggs from all around the world, indeed! I can just hear this cowboy talking - your Texan dialogue is great! And I must say that I'm learning a lot about Flagg dolls, didn't realise they came in costumes like these.

  5. Nicola, some of us actually talk that way here in Texas! :) Others, only when we find it necessary....and not all of us ride horses!
    I love what you are doing with the series on Christine. Can't wait to see what happens next! And I don't think Mrs. Flagg will want Melvin to show up on her doorstep either if she is the big winner. :)

  6. Rebecca, wasn't it amazing to see all the Flaggs in one day...I couldn't resist when I read Susan's blog. This dolly came in a group with other items, but I do have a 5 member family. Marcie Tubbs has a nice article on them in her book on Dollhouse Dolls. They were available in quite a few different characters and also larger sizes.They have a waxy appearance, and some of them are a little creepy...especially the baby Flaggs. They are found quite often on American eBay, selling for both low and high prices.
    Thanks for the nice comment on the dialogue...I try not to lapse into it too often!

  7. I voted for the Flagg family ;-)

    Don't try too hard Florine because it makes for great dialogue - I can just imagine that little Flagg cowboy. I will pass on his kind comments to my own little Miss Flagg. :-)

  8. Pandora....thank ya m'am, thank you very much! Melvin appreciates your support. :)