Thursday, January 14, 2010

Villa Hogarin re-do

This 1970's dollhouse from Spain is known as Villa Hogarin. One of my new year's resolutions was to arrange the furniture inside....Most of the furniture came with the house, and also 5 ceiling lamps!

Robert, one of my co-workers who happens to have dual US/Mexican citizenship, was nice enough to suggest names for my little Hogarin dolls.

El gato likes to sun himself on the veranda, right under the bird house, of course. The porch set and the potting sink are both Hogarin/Modisa products.

This is the back of the Villa Hogarin house....furnished as a bedroom and a bathroom. Notice the ceiling lights in each room; they are connected to a battery pack underneath the roof, but the off-on switch is missing. Batteries were left in the pack, leaked and left the connections corroded, so I haven't been able to check the lights...looks like a fix-it job for my son.

Abuelito Felipe is retired and likes to hang out with Consuela Hidalgo who comes in to help Abuelita Rigoberta with the housework. Abuelita thinks he bothers Consuela much too much. Consuela thinks Abuelito has money.
The two cabinet sets are Modella; the small table with the green knobs is Hogarin/Modisa. The table/chair set may be Hogarin/Modisa.

Abuelita Rigoberta is so happy to have their daughter Talina and granddaughter Rocio visit. Talina wants to take a picture of them together in Abuelita's newly redecorated living room.

This bedroom set was made by Modella. I have seen the same beds being sold under the Hogarin/Modisa brand. The brightly colored bed cover came with the bedroom set...totally 70's!

Abuelita Rigoberta is asking little Rocio to sing her favorite song, "Wow Wow Wubsy" so she can record Rocio on her reel-to-reel tape-recorder (from the same era as Abuelita's boufant hairdo). Consuela has decided to have a cup of coffee and visit with Senor Felipe.

I found a bath set like this on the net in a box labled Hogarin. It's not easy for me to tell Modella from some Hogarin pieces.

Busted! "Quit bothering Consuela!" says Abuelita.

Uh-oh....Abuelita Rigoberta is chasing Abuelito Felipe with her broom while Consuela cheers him on with "Run! Abuelito, run!"

I found pictures of two other Villa Hogarin houses on the net.........

This one was labled Casa Hogar.

Need doors?

I have a pair of doors that match the ones on the 2 story Hogarin houses. One door is cracked, but all fitting pegs are still intact. If you are in need of a set, please contact me!

Oh, dear, look who's back in the kitchen with Consuela.......


  1. Funny, Funny, Funny!!! How amazingly informative, creative, thoughtful, detailed, inspirational, enlightening, innovative, meticulous and truly motivating. Oh my the hours of tiny little work that went into this. This post encompasses so much and the humor is crazy funny. I think Consuela loves the attention. Love the glass rooster, the tiny gold purse and the broom. Oh and the house too. BRAVO!

  2. dear florine, you made my day ;D i laughed out loud here in front of my laptop!!! and congrats you can tally one point on the list of the new year's resolutions. the house is lovely, i enjoyed every detail and i loved the little stories. i have never seen dolls like these (except in the post before), they look really peculiar, but kind of nice, too! a bit like little piggies ;D

    and thanks a lot because you told me from which company my porch set is :) i have the same in yellow, it came with the lundby gothenburg and i didn´t know anything about it.

    have a nice weekend, nicola

  3. Amy, you just said all those nice things because you are relieved that Consuela is no longer employeed on Lundby Lane! Or was it Ardmore Avenue, and that's the reason Dr. Bob is sick?? Also, there are no vacancies in The Village, so when the DeSalvo's need to disappear don't send them to my blog! :)

  4. Nicola, happy that I made you laugh! I agree, these are funny little peeps with their big smiles and fat little that called for a silly story!
    About the porch first set came with Caroline's Home furniture so I always assumed they were made by Barton. This set came with the house. I did some surfing and found this house listed on Spanish ebay last December; the seller said no furniture was available but was using a stock photo of the house that pictured this porch I am assuming it was made by Modisa for their houses. I have seen it in yellow also.
    I AM having a great weekend as we have a holiday Monday celebrating the birth of Martin Luther those long weekends! No plans to start on another resolution however....Flo

  5. Love this whole story and your house is amazing! I had read of Villa Hogarin in the past, but have not had the opportunity to see many photos. Is this other house for sale now on todocoleccion? I did not see it listed.

  6. Hi Callsmall, eBay listing ended Dec 2 without selling...probably because he was asking 800 Euros! Here's the link If this link doesn't work (my copy and paste is not working today, had to type it out)just google Villa Hogarin and you will find it starting with I love the 2-story models.

  7. Love the bouffant hair! Very groovey. Consuela! Wait till Abulita goes to town to get her hair done to make your move. M2V

  8. M2V...I think Rigoberta will be having a "bad hair day" everyday. Of course, she thinks it makes her look taller!

  9. What a great house! I had not heard of this company at all before, and here you have the house, the furniture and the people - what a great way to meet them. It's a great house, with great finishes - is the greenish stone on the outside meant to be marble? I love your story, and I'm delighted to meet some plump and characterful dolls - so many vintage dolls are slim! You have so many little pieces that really make this their home, too! I look forward to seeing more of them :-)

    (I think the same porch set might have been made in Germany too, perhaps by Modella? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere. It wouldn't be surprising if the designs were very similar - as the Renwal and Kleeware designs are - though how it actually came about would be very interesting to know!)

  10. Rebecca, thank you so much for all the kind remarks...I like this house and little people more everyday! I am thinking that the exterior is meant to be fieldstone; design looks very similar to the fieldstone houses so prevalent in the Texas hill country.
    I'm sure you are right about the porch set also being made by Modella since so many other pieces of Hogarin/Modissa have designs similar to Modella. Dollhouse books by Zillner also point out similarities between US Ideal and Canadian Reliable and between US Plasco and Australian you have any Marquis in your collection? Also, Japanese firms produced furniture very similar to US Strombecker in the 1930's. So, many firms brought happiness to little girls decades ago and are still bringing happiness to "older girls" in the present!

  11. Ah, I've wondered what fieldstone was when I read it in American novels!
    Very interesting about Marquis and Plasco. Which Zillner book mentions Marquis? I do have some pieces - blue and white kitchen pieces in this house - though you can't see them very clearly; the same pieces in red and white; and one green toilet. I'd love to get more, but it doesn't come up on Australian ebay very often.
    And Hong Kong firms produced copies of Spot-On, Brio, and various German firms! Did they share designs, or did patent laws not apply internationally then?

  12. I took a look at your italian villa again and remembered seeing the Marquis the first time and thinking how lucky you were to have that set...AND that great little house! Zillner's International DH & A, page 172, shows a set of your kitchen much nicer than Plasco because it has opening doors and the wonderful blue the opposing end cabinets that I have never seen in Plasco.
    There is also a chapter on Japanese furniture that pictures, side-by-side, the original furniture and the pieces produced in Japan--quite interesting! Japanese produced furniture similar to Gottschalk, Schoenhut, Strombecker and Grand Rapids is also pictured. It seems like there was a lot of "sharing" of designs, and maybe a profit for the original designer if it was handled legally. :)

  13. Can you tell me anything about the reel to reel tape recorder in the living room?

  14. No moving parts other than the string used for a telephone cord. One of the reels and the bottom of the case are marked Japan.Size is approximately 1.75" x 1.75" I do not remember if it came with the house or with other items purchased on eBay. Do you collect tape recorders?

  15. No I am not a collector. I found a recorder like the one in your doll house in some vintage doll furniture my sister had as a kid. I have been trying to find that recorder on the internet and ebay, but the only one I have seen is yours. I would like to know something about it. I am guessing it is from the 60's. Thank you very much for responding.

  16. I think 1960's would be right as it had to be before cassette tapes came out. It is large for this size doll, so it may have been made for the Barbie size dolls. Sorry I can't tell you more. Good luck with your hunting!

  17. Hi
    I would like to ask for your authorization to use some photos of your Hogarin house on our French forum (we have a dolls house department) with a link to your blog.
    I am new to Blogger... and I don't want to give my email address here and I don't know how to send you a private email either from my account. Hope you can reply to me somehow...

  18. Hi Yse, the only way I could answer was by posting your comment. Yes, you may use pictures of my Hogarin house...I am honored! I need to discover how to put a link to my email on this site. Do you have a's not listed on your profile. Florine

  19. Hi Florine

    Thank you so much for your authorization. I will write your name (Florine) and the link to your page under the photo(s).

    For an email contact on your blog, may I suggest that you ask diepuppenstubensammlerin, as she has got one without her email address showing... (maybe you can edit this bit on the reply under your post...)

    I don't personally have a blog yet. I'll check this page until we have found another way of communicating...

  20. Yse, I wasn't able to edit your comment...but I did manage to add email contact to my profile page. :)

  21. I must have missed out on this post at one of my busy periods at work. Very funny story, I smiled all the time when reading :-) I love the dolls, they are such personalitites!
    The house is lovely and filled with so many treasures!

  22. Pubdoll, I love the little dolls much personality! I'm trying to get them invited to Amy's Gotland timeshare.....just to get Abuelito away from Consuela for a while.... :)

  23. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Villa Hogarin inc. some furniture (not all perfect) as shipped around the world. It was mine when I grew up in Germany and my Dad had bought it for me. If anyone is interested, please email me on

  24. Florine!!! OH my gorgeousness that you are!!! You have a birdhouse too!!! This is just the best! Love love!!