Sunday, January 24, 2010

...and TVs for the younger set!

For you youngsters under 60 who never lived in a house without a TV, here are a few of the sets that furnish my little houses.....

All of these TVs are made of wood with stickers or plastic parts.
Back row from left,
a 1970s TV from Hall's Lifetime Toys;
white TV from Strombecker circa 1960;
large cabinet TV made in Germany and imported by the toy store FAO Schwarz in 1966;
this TV came with other Dol Toi furnitue, but one very similar is shown in Marion Osborne's book, Barton's "Model Homes", circa 1959;
unsure of maker but could be Barton or Dol Toi.

Front row on left also shown in Marion's book as being made by Barton 1970s; unknown maker on this TV, made of plastic with wood veneer strip casing.  UPDATE: Thanks to Sue Freebern who helped identify this last little TV as a Lundby product from 1960!

Marion has written 3 very informative dolls house books; in addition to the Barton book, she has Lines & Triang Dolls Houses and 1914-1941 A-Z of Dolls Houses. Information on purchasing these books can be found on the magazine website.

I'm sure everyone recognizes the Lundby TV in the middle of the back row. The white TV on legs was made by Marx for their Little Hostess line. The tiny TV in front belongs to a 6" wide Japanese house that came free, room by room, with some type of soup or sauce mix.

Now to get all these little radios and TVs back into the right little houses.....


  1. Have you ever thought of setting up a little store with all your TV's and Radio's? My dolls would love to come shopping. They might not buy anything but they sure like to look.

  2. Welllll, I could set up a store but it would be with stolen merchandise! All these radios and TVs were "borrowed" from the current residents of my dollhouse village, and I am worried I won't remember what belongs to who. I will leave the stores to you as you do them so well!!