Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NEW: The Compete Guide to StromBecKer Dollhouses & Furniture 1931-1961

Strombecker Dollhouses & Furniture 1931-1961 is a complete guide to all of the dollhouse items produced by one of the most prolific and long-lived toy makers in America. It documents the changes over three decades from the first furniture introduced in the Great Depression through Art Deco influenced styles to Mid-Century Modern pieces sold with contemporary dollhouses. There are 158 pages with more than 360 photos including boxed sets, catalog pages, and advertisements. 
Patty Cooper is the author of several books on collecting dollhouses and George Mundorf writes a regular column for the Dollhouse Toys 'n' Us Newsletter. This is the third book in a new series of comprehensive guides to American dollhouse and dollhouse furniture companies. 
Future books are planned on Bliss, Converse, De Luxe, and Art Deco Furniture. Schoenhut Dollhouse Furniture 1928-1934, Kage Dollhouse Furniture 1938-1948, and Rich Toys Dollhouses 1935-1962 are already available. Books can be purchased directly through the Blurb bookstore.
Or, to purchase a book, make a suggestion, or provide photos for future books, please send an email to Patty Cooper at .

Patty Cooper and George Mundorf have done it again!  By that I mean they have produced another wonderful book on vintage dollhouse furniture that so many of us collect and love. This book has the answers to everything you've ever wanted to know or wondered about Strombecker dollhouses and dollhouse furniture...from the early productions in 1931 to the last of the line productions in 1961. Divided into four sections, pictures of actual Strombecker furniture and copies of vintage advertisements show us the wonderful line of furniture in the two different scales that were produced from each decade.

If you are a collector of vintage dollhouses and the same era furniture produced for these dollhouses, this book is a must have!  Warning:  you will want one of every item of furniture shown in this outstanding book! 


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    It sounds like a great book and a wonderful reference.
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  2. Wow, I need this book. Thanks for the post.