Friday, January 20, 2017

Looking for this Keystone dollhouse.....

I am looking for this Keystone of Boston dollhouse. I have quiet a few Keystone houses, but not this one. I hope someone can help me find this model. I have never seen a photograph of this house;  I did not know it existed until I found this black and white picture of it in a 1951 Union catalog publication.  

Because it had graphics similar to two other Keystone houses I have that were made at the same time, I  sloppily enhanced the catalog picture with color to help identify it.  

The Union catalog described it as "six room dollhouse set up, ready for simple attachment of wing to house. Interiors, exteriors and floors are decorated in many colors. Made from tekwood and wood. Equipped with large picture type windows, staircase and recessed entrance. Length, 32½ inches; width, 12½ inches; height, 17 inches."   
In 1951 the cost for this house was $10.50 

To give a better idea of the color scheme, here are my other two houses that were made in the early 1950s with similar graphics. 
 This is Keystone's small Put-Away house, 

 and the interior with Ideal furniture and Ideal family.

The other house with similar graphics is in need of a door, 
and the interior is inhabited by mice. 

If you have this dollhouse or know of someone who does, are willing to part with it and have it come to a loving home, please contact me at Maybe we can make a deal! 

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