Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thru the eyes of teenagers....

Earlier this year I donated a doll house to the photography teacher at the high school where my son teaches art. She enjoyed seeing a photography exhibit at one of the local galleries highlighting everyday scenes set up in dollhouses, and she thought she could develop a fun lesson for her students. She shared just a few pictures with me. I'm not sure if each scene was part of a longer story or just individual shots.
I've added some captions....feel free to make your own.

Don't know what they're doing, but they laugh a lot behind the green door!

"MOM! Sally is picking on me!"

Hugging the porcelain throne....

They laughed when I sat down to play....

Taking the carpet to the cleaners....

Happy to see the tail-end of those little brats...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope she shares more pics from this year's students!

  2. I really like this pictures =)

    1. I think my favorite one is the grandmother waving at the window...is that only because my grandson spent the weekend with me?

  3. So funny! Thanks for giving me a good laugh! xo Jennifer

  4. You are so funny!
    I thought maybe granny was going to rock a little piano like "Jerry Lee Lewis!"
    Looks like someone is taking a magic carpet ride!
    Sally just wants to play a game of catch!

  5. Creative interperation for the kids must be amazing. Each mind thinks differently and the smaller ones minds haven't been tainted yet or atleast I don't think so. What a fabulous educational too. I can't figure out how they took that flying carpet photo. Classy