Sunday, February 3, 2013

Royalty is coming to the Village

Deep in the Jasmine Forest is the home of Lady the small Castle of Keystone. It is quiet and peaceful in her secluded home....actually, Lady Constance thinks it is getting to be quite boring.

 Do I see someone coming thru the leaves and brambles  toward us?
I do, I do! Wonder just who it is....
Could it be, could it actually be......

It is!! It's Lady Constance herself!
Is she waiting for someone....a secret rendezvous perhaps?
This exquisite porcelain doll is the creation of an extremely talented artist, Diane Taylor, of LaBohème Dolls. All of Diane's dolls are a one of a kind creation....from pouring the slip to painting, wigging, and the final stitch on the original creation each doll wears. Although the doll house sized dolls are my favorite, Diane makes other sizes...13", 18", and 22".  You can see some of her 5.5" doll house dolls in this gallery.   Diane will create these dolls for you, or she will custom make these lovely dolls to your specifications.
Lady Constance is Diane's creation and I am in total awe of her attention to detail in this beautiful period piece costume.  I mentioned to Diane that I liked the Tudor period of England, and she came up with this fabulous creation.....
...with the exquisite detail extending from her delicate headpiece
down to the diamond rings on her hands.
Another line of Diane's is her Gypsy Hollow Creations, one of a kind original figurative sculptures.  In her Topo Pòpolus series, my favorite is Saladmae, an exotic salad dancer/caterer....maybe it was the bucket of brownies she had with her that made me like her best...but Mary Queen of Scotch was a close second! Diane will even make a sculpture of your favorite pet dressed in a costume depicting his personality....see well-loved special pets at Strange Beasts.

Lady Constance has decided it is time for her to create a life for herself outside of the Jasmine Forest. She instructed her lady-in-waiting to pack her trunks and call for her coach to take her to the Village.
She turns to take one last look at her ancestral home....and hopes that her entourage will be along soon with her trunks....before the carriage arrives.

It's getting dark, where are her trunks and that darn carriage?