Monday, February 18, 2013

A little bit of fun

This is the nature scene painted on the right side of my newest little house.....
and on the other side of the house is this lovely tree in bloom......
My newest little house is an English Amersham from the 1930-40s.
Here is the front door and the red flowers painted there....
and the greenery around the garage....
 But this post isn't about this new little house...
the only connection to this little house is that i found it on eBay....
as I have all but 2 of my little houses. 
I am addicted to surfing eBay. I can't say it is cheap entertainment
because I end up buying too many things...99% of which are doll house related.
One thing that does entertain me, and IS free on ebay, is discovering the eBay ID 
that other members have given themselves. And that is what this post is about.
Probably because my eBay ID is so dorky, I started noticing others and it made me wonder why I picked the one I did. But I know why, my son was visiting and insisted that I sign up for eBay that very day....little did he know what he would be starting! 
So this is just a little bit of fun, and if you find your eBay ID listed here,
please know that seeing it made me smile!
....and listed in the order that I discovered them......
my dog has a big head
 U8 my fish   (sorry…)

I have a Volvo    (J)

beaches and whiners   (my friendsJ)
Wow is that for me    (!!??!!??)
love my doo wop     (ageing yourself!)

I’m on a break     (Friends fan!)

Tight fart     (I have known a few)
automatic pile it  
holy mary 57   (a few might help…)

junq punqs

Lumpy bumpy 54   (related to me?)
Big daddys money    (hoorah for her!)

Tom dick harry
She is older than me     ( I wish!)

Yard sharks 66   
Flossy tusslepot   (author of kid’s books?)

Sam-duzz-dishes    (trained him right!)

Pinki dinki doo    (happy feet…)

Sentenced to shop    (hubby doesn’t believe it!)
Doo-da    ( my sentiments exactly)
2-crying-kids    (suck-it-up!)

Is this anything     (you hope it is)
Beantown sistahs      (Boston, no doubt)
Saving-for-an-Aga      (only in UK!)
Goodys to go   (that’s what I was afraid of)
Human beer filter    (from Australia no less!)
Aunt-cranky     (everybody has one)

Buy play sell      (the “play” part is the best)
Stuff-2-dust      (NOT a marketing ploy)
Needful stuff      (sees right thru me)

Bid on me 2 win    (for the intellectually challenged)
Ki$$ it good buy     (good attitude)

Just like Carla Bruni
Rednexxs     (couldn’t possibly be from Texas!)

Friggin win this     (needs a sale badly!)
She was tempted to cause a scene     (aren’t we all at times!)

Lambs i divey      (a kid will eat ivy too!)
Like I need more junk    (right!)
Everything stopped for tea

Sik of worken       (retirement IS wonderful!)
Out our way   (down in the boondocks)
I didn’t do it     (neither did I…)
Why not shop with me    (a bit of marketing there)
I be sellin 1      (you hope you do!)
its going 2 b mine 2

we got stuff too      (good for you!)
junk whisperer      (and I hear them!)
The basement troll      ( I know her!)
OJs mama
mr nutball      (no comment)

and an eBay store name……
formerly mine and potentially yours 
           (and much too often for me!)




  1. I've seen My Dog Has A Big Head before. I couldn't help but laugh the first time I saw it. The others are all new to me. It's not as much fun now that eBay disguises the bidders' names and it's only the sellers that you can see. My name on eBay is HopefulBid. I guess that says it all. I usually bid and then leave so I'm not tempted to bid any higher.

    I think it was up in Canton, Texas at the big monthly flea market that I saw a booth called "Dead People's Stuff." I thought that was kind of cute.

    1. HI Betty! Bid and leave??? I'm a last second bidder...that's my excitement in life! and I looked, there is a deadpeoplestuff ID on eBay....and they live in Texas....:)

  2. Hi. Ha, ha.. I think a lot of Ebay-Id:s is funny too. Mine is not funny at all.

    I like the little house that you are showing.

    Lil in Sweden

    1. My ID is not funny either! Hope to do a post on my little house's a beauty!

  3. LOL great post - keep your eyes out for Tulsaarchitect - thats mine!

    1. Tulsaarchitect! Before IDs were secret code, we used to bid against each other all the time!!! No matter which one of us won, items always went to a good home!

  4. You are so funny. What does the rest of the house look like? Ha, Ha, Ha...

  5. Well my eBay ID is not know that! I will post a picture of my new little house under From Across the Pond....just for you to see!

  6. I love the nature murals. I am psyching up to paint one in one of my dollhouse living rooms.

    My ebay is more2view. I made it when aol first started combining part of my real last name and my fav thing my view. It has gone to peoples spam and one guy asked if I sold porn... so you just never know...CM

    1. CM, that's hilarious!! Be sure to post about your mural after you get yourself psyched up to paint....that's on my bucket list too!

  7. Ha ha ha best laugh I've had this week! xo CM