Saturday, October 6, 2012

The hiding

Lester Lurch, my resident Elvis impersonator, is distraught.
He is so distraught.....
 .....  ..     

 he has himself...

    .....  .... 
....running around in circles!

Whoops! Did he trip....or just throw himself down in despair?
Why is Lester so distraught? He just read on Rick's A Home for Dolly blog  that his relative, Lazarus Lurch, was recently paroled from The Big House! Not only that, Lazarus has made his way back to the neighborhood to reunite with his long-lost kin folk. What does that mean? Just what does that mean?  Lester does not want to be reunited with Lazarus....what to do...what to do?
Sometimes, when he sits in "the Thinker" position, he comes up with good ideas....

...and other times he thinks so hard he falls asleep....and when he wakes up he wonders why he has a big bump on his head.
¡Ay, caramba! He's got it!
and grabbing his laptop,
he quickly googles "hideaway cottages"......
After piling his family into the car....he starts their trip to the hideaway cottage he has rented in a little valley down in.....oh no, can't tell might snitch to Lazarus!
Yes, it is a pink Cadillac....he is an Elvis impersonator, you know!
Lester drives west....
...Lester drives south....

...Lester drives east...

...thru the night....

 ....and into the woods....
and right up to their, their hideaway cottage.
Everybody jumps out of the car and Lester unlocks the door.
 The first thing mom does is check the kitchen for supplies.
The first thing Lester does is check the fridge for a brewsky.
Looking around, Lydia wonders where the kids have disappeared to so quickly....
Oh, there's LaNell and Lulu playing at the picnic table...and Lyndon has jumped into the pool already. Lyndon is hoping he will be able to put his arms down soon...that was a long ride.
 Little Lionel pipes up, "Look daddy! I can kneel on the sofa and look out the window!"
 "Oh no! Oh no! If Lazarus is outside he can see us! I must do something about that!"
 So Lester hangs a covering over the window to the disappointment of little Lionel,
 but is there someone already peeking into the upstairs bedroom?

This vinyl dollhouse and furniture was made by Ideal Toy Company in 1969. What is rather unique about this particular vinyl house is the front door opens and there are also two clear vinyl the dollies can see out.


  1. Except when they're hiding out ... :(

    Keep safe, Lurches, we wouldn't tell Lazarus where you are - even if we knew, which we don't! Just hope you can make it to the shops for supplies without him spotting you!

  2. Totally awesome! I LOVE this so much! Thank you for your wonderful photo story. xo Jennifer

  3. Great post!
    I love Mr. Lurch's manic Elvis impersonation, and his
    pink cadillac.
    The impromptu window treatment is perfect, and I hope
    they can remain safe from their less respectable relations!

  4. Love this post!! I understand why Lester is so upset. Lazarus is pretty scary especially with his wig and witches broom. I think I would go into hiding too if he was my relative.
    The car, the cabin and the furniture are all great. I hope Lester can get some brewskis without being spotted.

  5. LOL! They can run, but they can't hide forever from Lazarus!

  6. Oh dear, Rebecca, I didn't think about stocking supplies....what to do, what to do... and actually their little hideaway cottage is right outside my front door...but don't tell!

  7. Thank you Jennifer! I get rather silly sometimes, don't I?

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  9. Philip, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will stay safe from Lazarus...but the way his children behave on A Home for Dolly, I think Lazurus will have his hands full for a while.

  10. Shale! I just drank the last brewski without offering any to Lester! Shame on me!

  11. Rick, we will just see what Lazurus is handing out to little kiddies on Halloween in that scary costume he is wearing...he might be going back to The Big House sooner than you think! Troubles over!

    1. I'm not sure why all of the bad Dollies end up in my neighborhood! I'll recommend counseling to Lazarus, then maybe his relatives won't have to go into hiding ever again.

  12. Cute post - I bet they are great at doing the YMCA also!

  13. Hysterical. I was engrossed reading every word. I hope the Lurch family is safe and sound in this snazzy house and only the brewsky delivery man finds them. What a hoot!

  14. Elvis impersonator? I wonder where he got the idea? A long time Elvis fan? Or because he thinks he is as good looking as the real thing? Must do pretty good at it,if he can afford the pink caddy, a cottage hide-a-way. And all of those kids! Loved the story very cute, super intertaining!Thank goodness my dollies don't have computer access! They would be swooning over Lester!

  15. Guess all of us have a little crush on Lester! HA!HA!