Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunshine award~~~thank you, Victoria!

Victoria of Little Boxes,, honored me yesterday with this Sunshine Award..........I'm to share it with 6 other bloggers who bring sunshine to my life.

Hard task! I follow many blogs that make my days much brighter, but here are some that I always find enjoyable.....
The very first dollhouse blog I discovered last summer was . Rebecca has a great collection of vintage dolls houses from many countries and shares so much her little stories are very entertaining!
Nicola at loves Lundby houses, Caco people, and Kathy Kruse dolls, but her blog heading sums it up for all of us with "she's still playing"! has a very unique blog with her collection of 1950-70's German dollhouses that are new to me and totally fascinating.
Liz at has a wonderful collection of vintage English houses...she doesn't blog often, but when she does, it is well worth the wait.
From Canada is Susan, , whose joy with her little houses spills over into every blog she posts.
And I can't forget Amy at who is fairly new to blogging but always makes us laugh at her little "peeps" that live on Lundby Lane.
AND, if you haven't checked out Victoria's Little Boxes, please do. She is building a traditional Russian style dolls house with the most exquisite windows ever seen! Thank you, Victoria, for sharing this award with me. :)


  1. Thank you, Florine! Such a beautiful picture, so bright and happy :-)

  2. thank you very much belated and again :) so nice what you wrote about me and my lil´ blog! i´m not a real award person but if i can find some time i´ll give it to my sunshiny blog-peeps and friends. some of them received it already from you!

    surprise eggs are fun! you´ll like them, but the most tiny things inside are not really good for dollhouses. the babies were inside in the 80s and collectors often pay a lot for them if they come with the little plastic toys/furnitures. they also had sweet little frames and metal dishes. i´ll make a post about these later... sop many ideas and less time...

    good night, yours nicola

  3. HI Florine! WOW...I've never seen this Plasco house---thanks for posting it! I have the round Plasco house filled with Plasco furniture but I've never seen this Ranch style. I love the people and "life" you add to all of your houses! What imagination! I totally enjoy your blog! Thanks so much for sharing. I've been quiet lately but will get back to my blog soon with something special too. Again...always fun to see your collection! Hugs,

  4. We've missed you! Very glad to know you are planning a new post soon! Hope one day soon you will share your round Plasco... :) Thanks for the happy comments! Hugs, Florine

  5. Only just found this posting! Thank you for the award! Lizzie x