Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Patels Plan a Party in their Plasco rancher...

Saturday morning finds Rashmi Patel watering the peonies she planted in the window boxes of the new house that her wonderful husband Praket bought for their family. Praket doesn't like to work in the yard, but just for her, he planted some cedar bushes and boxwoods in the small alcove in front.
Rashmi loves her new ranch style house and how she has it decorated. She is thinking how wonderful it would be if a home magazine would ask to do a photo shoot .....

She can picture it now..................

Later she joins Praket lounging under their covered patio.

"Praket, my dearest," says Rashmi, "We have lived here several months, and I think it is time to have a party in our new home!"

"That's a very good idea, my sweetest of wives," says Praket.

Rashmi asks, "What kind of party do you think we should have?"

"If you plan it, I will enjoy it!" answers Praket.

While little Sajani Patel plays on the patio with her dolly, and Praket watches the news on their new Plasco TV, Rashmi is deciding what to serve at the big party she is planning. Should she have cake or cookies, fresh fruit or......decisions, decisions, decisions! What kind of party is she planning?

LOOK! It's a birthday party for little Sajani who is turning 4 today! Papa Praket holds baby Naija so mommy can light the candles on the cake she made for the party. I see the Nielsens and the Blakelys have joined their children to help little Sajani celebrate....and also for a little crowd control. Oh, there is little Rueben Gonzalez standing on a chair. I hope he doesn't fall. Wonder if this little acrobat is related to baby Evil who lives on Lundby Lane?

Little Sajani has her best bud Lars sit at the table with her while she blows out her candles. She hopes he doesn't blow the candles out for her like her friend Drew did for his big sister Jill. And where are the other two candles that should be on her cake? Did Lars take them while she wasn't looking? He's a jokester, that Lars!

While Sajani is opening presents from her little friends, her mom and dad bring in the best gift of all....her very own Keystone of Boston dollhouse!
WOW! Won't she and her friends have fun with it!

Dollhouse manufactured by Plastic Art Toy Corporation (Plasco) around 1950. This one is missing it's TV antenna and front porch. All the furniture, with the exception of the lamps in the bedroom, was made by Plasco. The birthday decorations are from Jennifer's Printables. The Keystone dollhouse was made by Keystone Mfg late 1940's for "trains sets, floor and table, and Xmas trees". Did you notice that the Patel and Nielsen adult dolls are the same, just different coloring and clothes? Most likely an import from 70's era.


  1. OH MY GOSH... What a riot! Can you hear me laughing? Oh so entertaining. What a vast amount of work you did. I love all the little birthday bags, the presents and all the child dolls of different kinds. And then came the Mini Keystone House. Oh My... I enjoyed this greatly. Kudos to YOU! I wish all the kids could come to Evil Baby's birthday party because it is very soon. Thanks for all you do!

  2. How cute is that!!!! How I love the birthday present! Wonderful. Thank you CM

  3. I love the house (didn't know Plasco made houses, so there you go!), I love the story, I love the photos (what a great spread for Home Beautiful!), and I LOVE the present! What a wonderful party - I hope we see more of these people :-)
    Oh, almost forgot - the party hats are adorable!

  4. Another fabulous post! Such a great birthday party with nothing missing, cake with candles, party hats and lots of beautiful presents, and the little dollhouse is a beauty!
    Nice house and furniture too! My favourites are the patio chairs with the lovely ornaments and the nice curved end shelves on the kitchen cupboard.

  5. Dear Amy! I love the exuberance you project in the comments you leave on everyone's blogs! You always make my day brighter. Thank you for all the kind words! And I am looking forward to little Evil's party!

  6. Hi CM! Yes that little Keystone house is adorable...but it's a solid block. Oh well, one less little house I have to decorate!

  7. Hi Rebecca! According to Zillner's Furnished Dollhouses 1880-1980, Plasco made 3 other houses, a smaller one and a split-level both with the same facade as this one. The one I would love to have is a 2 story circular house in a mid-century modern design...2 bedrooms and a large patio on the top floor, and kitchen, dining room and living room on the first with a stairwell in the center. Great little house!
    Let me tell you how fat my fingers felt when I was making those little party hats!! I don't think I could make miniatures on a regular I really appreciate the bloggers who make all the wonderful little furniture. :) So glad you enjoyed my post!

  8. Pubdoll...thank you thank you thank you! Birthday parties are always fun...I can't wait to see what Amy does for little Evil! I think the Plasco patio pieces are the nicest patio pieces made mid-century in the plastic range.
    I wonder if Rebecca found a picture of the kitchen island in her design book....they were very popular when I was young. :)

  9. dear florine

    what a cute story :) i enjoyed everything - the house, the furniture, the family and the story!! i love this little scene where sajani sits on the floor of the patio and plays with her dolly. i guess it´s a dolly from a surprise egg - isn´t it? i have some of these from my childhood and i´m still looking for these little plastic toys and furniture which came with the babies.

    thanks for this lovely post!!


  10. Thank you, Nicola! Surprise eggs must have been after my childhood...however, some things pop back into memory a lot easier than others. :) I'll have to visit google to see what I can find out about surprise eggs...sounds like great items for little houses! Flo

  11. Wonderful :-) I love the ranch house and all the furnishings. The photo shoot is pretty good too.

  12. Really, a wonderful stylish house, I especially like the backside view with the terrasses. So, that is a Lundby-scaled house.

  13. Thank you, Pandora. I learned to do the photo shoot from Amy's Miniatures and Smalls blog...except I did something wrong and my pics don't enlarge individually when you click on them! Still was fun to create. Thanks for visiting. :)

  14. Diepuppenstubensammlerin I'm happy you liked my little house! This is actually 1:12 scale, just a bit larger than Lundby scale. And for a child's toy, it is not very sturdy as it falls apart quite easily. I imagine moms had to put it back together quite often when their kids played with it!
    I left a sunshine award for you on my blog of Feb 22. You may pass it on if you like, or just know that I really enjoy reading about all your lovely little houses.

  15. Bonjour Florine
    Recently, I have been very busy with the furniture department on our forum (which has grown a lot presenting worldwide brands of all times). I have posted your photos of the Hogarin House as you agreed and also your Plasco house which I think is also exquisite ! (you can come and see them here and here

  16. Thank you Yse! I've registered and hope to be able to see your forum shortly...looking forward to seeing the furniture department!

  17. Bonjour Florine

    You are registered ! I have sent you a MP on the forum (and my pseudo there which is different), we have launched a Welcome for you on Papotages (chatterbox) where I have put a link to your blog and to your photos within the forum. See you there... (can't wait !)

  18. Thank you for providing me with a very fond memory. When I was a girl, maybe 7-8, I got one of these for Christmas. I played with it many hours as I loved dolls and dollhouses. We got rid of it many years ago (I am now 63) when we moved and I still miss it off and on. It was terribly difficult to put together and make stay together. While playing, it was hard not to knock over all the furniture, as it came with a lot and it was close in the house. I think my Mom got tired of picking up the pieces and dealing with me being frustrated, trying to put it together, and tossed it out. What a GREAT dollhouse!