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At home with the Ideal family in their small Keystone Put-A-Way

In 1949 Keystone of Boston came up with a new innovation in dollhouses, making three models of their "Put-A-Way" dollhouses. Catagorized as Put-A-Way because of the ability to pivot or fold wings/rooms of the dollhouse inside adjoining rooms, allowing for a smaller "footprint" in a child's room.

This is the smaller of the three Put-A-Ways made in 1949.

Meet Horace and Gertrude Ideal 
and their twins Freddie and Flossie.

 This small 5 room Keystone of Boston house is their home.

They have a combination living and dining room
 with a partial wall giving the living room a bit of privacy.

Gertrude brought her childhood grand piano 
and her mother's secretary to grace their living room.

Their dining room set was an anniversary gift
 to Gertrude from Horace.

Their kitchen is compact but very serviceable.

Their bedroom suite fits perfectly in their room 
with the blue and white wallpaper and Gertrude's comfy chair.

The bathroom is quite large even with a corner tub, 
so Gertrude stores her ironing board 
and washing machine there.

Are Freddie and Flossie playing, hiding from Mom 
or is it nighttime and this is where they sleep?

A nice patio is found outside the bathroom.

Gertrude is wondering just where 
she put the picture she wants to hang over the sofa.

Horace is getting confused. He wants to shave 
but all he can see in the mirror is a sailing ship.

Freddie and Flossie are playing hide 'n seek on the patio. 

Can you help Freddie find Flossie?

Now we must say goodby to the Ideal family. 
Say goodbye Freddie and Flossie....
and also the two of you, Horace and Gertrude.

Here is my little house in the Put-A-Way position.

When the kitchen is "put-away", 
the dining room table moves into the living room, 
the front door disappears....and so does the piano.

Gertrude wishes the kitchen would also disappear.

These five pieces of furniture were made by Renwal.

The dining room set is a product of The Ideal Co. 
I had this identical set in my childhood dollhouse.

All of the furniture in the living area was made by Ideal.
The screen and flower stand are part of 
the Petite Princess/ Princess Patti line Ideal introduced in 1964.

Another Ideal set is the kitchen furniture. 
None of the doors or drawers open in this line of furniture.

 I had this identical Ideal bedroom set in my childhood dollhouse. 
My comfy chair was pink and blue. 
I remember picking it out on a trip with my Mom 
to Woolworth's five and dime store in 1949. 

The blue and yellow bath room fixtures 
were also made by Ideal.... was the furniture found on the patio.

These dolls were made by Ideal, 
but only for a very short period in 1949-50.

Their arms are the only moving part.
Well, the Ideal family has turned their backs on us.
I guess I will leave at that.

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  1. Another beautifully appointed house! I enjoy how you mix and match to create great spaces!