Monday, November 20, 2023

Dimestore Wood Dollhouse Furniture, ca. 1940s

Chunky wood dollhouse furniture, sold mostly in dimestores during the 1940s, is highly collectable.  If you, like me, are curious about who made these pieces in your collection, this new book by Patty Cooper will help you identify them. 

This is a companion book to Patty's Nancy Forbes and Donna Lee Dollhouse Furniture  and covers the smaller, lesser known companies that sold the inexpensive wood dollhouse furniture at the dimestores beloved by children of that era. 

You are probably familiar with Wanner, often referred to as Grand Rapids, 
and can usually identify it....but can you identify Barbara Jean, Mary Frances, Spartan, Tag-Line or the others found in this remarkable book? 

Wanner made several variations of each piece of furniture manufactured, you will find many of them here.  Japanese copies of Wanner, made in the same era, are often found  identified as Wanner. Patty points out the differences in the two productions.  

Did you know Miniaform, well known for their Art Deco style wire legs dollhouse furniture, also made furniture similar to Wanner? 

The Mary Frances line, made of plywood and similar to Wanner, also made a Deluxe line of furniture, flocked or decorated.    

Tag-Line! I have a Tag-Line dresser and now want a complete dollhouse full!    

This highly detailed and informative book on wood dollhouse furniture, made in the 1940s and sold in dimestores, joins Patty Cooper's seventeen other books on dollhouse furniture, all available at Patty Cooper on                       

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