Sunday, September 12, 2021

A lovely Korbi Bedroom Set by Karl Schreiter and Company


This lovely bedroom set was made in Germany by Karl Schreiter and Company during the 1920s. Produced in Germany's Erzgebirge region, this 6 piece set is made of pressed cardboard to resemble wicker. It is most often referred to as Korbi dollhouse furniture.

This set is between 1:10 and 1:12 scale, painted a rich cream with red trim. I have never seen a complete bedroom set before, just the bed or dresser with other Korbi pieces. 

When I found it, I was sure it had been repainted. After cleaning and discovering the original "Germany" stamp on the bottom of each piece, I realized I had a rare set of Korbi bedroom furniture in pristine condition. 

side tables and vanity stool



There is virtually no wear on the edges of the different pieces, a common factor in most of the found Korbi that is now at 100 years of age. I did have to re-glue both headboards onto the frames of the beds and one arm back to the vanity stool. All three pieces have brown glue stain at glue points, signs of being re-glued before.

Only the mirror, the top of the dresser and the top of one side table show signs of paint loss....amazing for Korbi furniture. 

The beds are 5" long and 3⅜” wide.

The dresser is 3⅝” wide and 4⅝”  tall.

The end table bases are 1½" square and 2¼" tall.

The vanity stool is 2½" wide and 2½" tall at the top of the side arms. 

Many lovely pieces of Korbi dollhouse furniture can be found on-line. There is also a page on Pinterest dedicated to Korbi furniture...https// 
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....mine is truly a lovely set that I am delighted to add to my collection.


  1. what a wonderful set - these have been on my radar, but usually go out of my pricerange. Great post! thankyou

    1. Troy, this was one of those lucky finds on ebay that doesn't come often. The pictures were not great, the furniture was covered in age old dust and it was listed as "Bits and pieces of vintage bedroom furniture"....and did not generate much interest. I was delighted to find what wonderful shape it was in when cleaned. It was a good day "surfing" ebay for me! Cheers!

  2. So lovely, Florine, what a wonderful find! I have only the dresser with aqua detailing.
    I have been trying to post again on my blog, and being frustrated with what I seem no longer able to do. How do you get the small photos to sit next to each other? I should persist, and probably try something less ambitious than a long, multi-column table of Australian dolls house manufacturers!!

    1. Hi Rebecca, so good to hear from you! All of the side by side pictures are "small" and in the "center" position. I can't guarantee that will be the same when I try posting again. Perhaps if I made by column wider I could use larger pictures side by side. Plus, all my font looks uniform on the posting, but under "design" it is all different sizes. Google seems to have made some technical changes that have been more difficult to work with. I thought by finally upgrading to Windows 10 that some of the problems I had been experiencing would disappear...did not happen! I hope you are on the mend and doing well. Very glad to hear you are blogging again....must check your blog out! Cheers!