Monday, January 15, 2018

A lovely little Amersham dolls house....

This lovely little dolls house is a double gable Amersham hailing from the UK. It was produced in 1937 according to Alison Duggan's article in the E-magazine Dolls Houses Past and Present from information she found in Marion Osborne's A-Z 1914-1941 Dollshouses.  

This Amersham house is decorated with foliage on three sides and also on the base. I do not know if this dolls house was decorated at the factory or if the foliage was added by a previous owner. It came to me with a stand  evidently made just for it; so, with the addition of the lovely art work, I am sure it was also a treasure to someone before it became a treasure to me. 

This is the right side....with flowers and a tall tree.

....and the left side, with a flowering tree and small shrubs.

Berle and Len Davies live in my little dolls house 
with their baby daughter Maureen. 
Berle and Len are Dol Toi dolls. 

It's four p.m. and Len is home early from work. The first thing he does is turn on the telly and say hello to Fred, their pet goldfish. He is planning to read the latest issue of Punch.  
Down the stairs comes Berle with little Maureen. 

"Here," says Berle "you can play with Maureen while I prepare tea."

  Do we spy a slight smile on Berle's lips as she leaves the lounge?

Out the front door and into the garage where Berle admires her fine new kitchen.

Berle discovers that the dollhouse lady forgot to put food
 in the fridge before she took the picture.

But finding food in the larder, she prepares the tea.

   Berle is proud of her Dol Toi dishes the dollhouse lady kindly painted red 
to match her red and white kitchen. 

 On this night, tea time is pleasant at the Davies' home.

 After changing Maureen's nappy, 
Berle sings her a lullaby while gently rocking her cot.

Then she joins Len to chat....while he is still attempting to read Punch. 

Berle cold creams her face while preparing for bed... 

 turns down the bedcover, 

and draws her bath water, 

while Len finally has a chance to read Punch. 

Len straightens Maureen's covers and tries not to wake her....

 ...and brushes his teeth before going to bed. 

Oh no he didn't....oh yes he did...leave the seat down!

Quietly, we say good night to the Davies family.

All of the windows in this Amersham pivot from the center, plus
the art deco fireplace in the lounge is attached to the wall.

The wallpapers in the lounge and the bedroom are original.
The bathroom and kitchen wallpapers are reproduced and 
reduced in size from vintage Triang wallpapers.

Most of the furniture is Dol Toi....

exceptions are:
The lounge suite and the towel rack are Barton, while
 the lamps on the vanity and in the lounge are American made.

I am not as knowledgeable on British made dolls house furniture as I would like to be, 
if I have identified any pieces incorrectly, please tell me.

A very good site to help identify many of the different brands of British dolls house furniture is Jesamine Kelly's (short paws) photobucket site.   

My little Amersham dolls house sits proudly 
on the stand that accompanied it.

Here's a copy of Len Davies Punch to make for your own dolls house.
Copy and paste it and print  2" wide and  1½ “ tall. 


  1. I love this house and all that you have done to it! I want to live there! Love the story too....and yes he did leave that darn seat down!! LOL. Thanks for adding the info on the furniture and more...I'm always learning. THANKS!!

  2. I have the exact one! The painted vines are from Manufacture? I am going to sell mine what do you think its worth with and without furniture? email me

  3. Great house. I've just bought an Amersham and was wondering what the original wall papers looked like.

  4. I was lucky to have two rooms with original wallpaper! My other little Amersham has no wallpaper at all! Cheers!

  5. Lovely! I’ve just identified my mother’s dolls house as an Amersham.. it’s in bad disrepair but my granddaughter and I will be renovating it together. My mother was born in 1933 and so was probably given the dolls house for her 6th birthday..

    1. One of my favorite things about collecting dollhouses is the work involved in bringing them back to their former beauty. Have fun times with your granddaughter with the renovation! Cheers! Florine