Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kage furniture in a Keystone of Boston house.....

This is a Keystone of Boston dollhouse from of their many English Tudor models.  It is furnished with Kage furniture just like the Rich Tudor house in my previous post. This house has  additional Kage pieces to share with you.

This small 4 room house is the perfect size for the Kage furniture. Kage did not make bathroom furniture, so this time I have used a Strombecker set of the same scale.
A former owner painted the interior of this little house with a neutral color paint and added a vintage  wood-patterned linoleum to the bottom floor. I made a second floor for the one that was missing. The white flower box to the right of the front door came with the house...I added the red one, however, I have seen other models with tall shrubs on either side of the door.

New Kage items in the kitchen include the pantry and the large buffet. A smaller buffet is shown later in this post.

Several new Kage pieces are found in the living room...a piano, wall clock, flower stand, standing ashtray, coffee table, 2 lamps, and a log basket.

The lone Kage item in the bath area is the table holding the "electric" Strombecker heater....and actually it is the piano stool. J

Kage items found in the bedroom and not shown in my last post are the narrow 3 drawer chest, the larger 3 drawer chest with mirror attached, the newer model chair with spooled front legs, and the  desk with drop down writing surface. The bed came with the coverlet and matching pillows, and although it is vintage fabric, I don't think it is original as it doesn't match the fabric attached to the bed frame.

(A unique thing about the Keystone of Boston houses with swing-out French windows, is the metal rods holding the window in the frame have extensions on the inside to hold the window curtains.)

The radio and grandfather clock were not used in either house.

The desk may be the only functioning piece Kage made....I added the desk blotter. Pianos were made in 2 sizes.

Two different size fireplaces Kage with an unstained wood mantel. The one on the right looks brand new even though production ended in 1948.

Four different chest or vanity designs...there may be more!

Three table sizes with different legs, two sizes of buffets, 2 chair sizes with different leg designs.

I have several Kage sofas, but found that all of them were one of these 3 models.

Five different chair models. I actually have 2 with the same fabric! I think the chairs/sofas with the ball feet were the newer models...anyone know for sure?

Two different models of beds, each with the original fabric and pillows. Old English scratch cover does wonders for these great old pieces!

All of these pieces are in 3/4" to 1' scale. Did you know Kage also made 1 inch scale furniture? I have a few pieces....I will post about it later.  J


  1. Great Post! I have a large KAGE collection too. Believe it or not, I have a few pieces that you don't have. I have a stained and painted mantel clock, a twin bed with the foot board under the bed, and a few different dresser variations with the nail head drawer pulls. I have searched and searched for the grandfather clock! The drop leaf desk is very cool, I have not seen that before. I am still in search of house for mine! Thanks for the post. Troy

    1. I checked out your wonderful collection the twin bed with the foot board has escaped me so far! The 2 larger clocks are hard to find with the decals intact, so good luck! You will find a house one day that says "fill me with Kage!" Cheers!

  2. Love your informative posts about furniture.I have some Kage but not nearly enough!

    1. Thank you! Myrtle, the one with the most toys wins! So get busy!!

  3. So educational and great photos. I adore that Kage plant stand. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all your efforts.

  4. I always look forward to your posts. And I always learn something. I have some Kage pieces, but not enough to furnish whole house. I will have to pull them out of the storage drawers and compare mine to yours.

  5. Do you know of anyone who can make replacement French window shutters for the Keystone of Boston doll house? Great Blog.

    Cheers VL

  6. Hi VL, if you will contact me at I will give you the email address of a person who makes them in resin. cheers!