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Schoenhut Beverly Hills 1939

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A "Picture Perfect" Post Card!

This vintage dollhouse is pictured on  a post card published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.  From the construction of this dollhouse, I think it was probably  built between 1935-45.  I love looking at  pictures of lovely old doll when I saw this post card on eBay it became part of my collection of vintage postcards.

This dollhouse was donated to the Society by a Mrs. Thomas Coleman. Much of the furniture is original to the house. The house itself was built by Mrs. Coleman's father as an exact replica of their house in Madison, Wisconsin.

Great staircase...the front door must have been placed behind the staircase as that looks to be an entry hall to the right of it. Several items in this room look like they might be Tynie Toy...maybe the Tynie Toy collectors can help me out!
 The dining room has a lovely lace curtain. Could that be a Tynie Toy dining set? 

An Arcade sink is recognizable in this kitchen!

A nice cozy bedroom...with lovely old curtains that lay flat...not like curtains in my dollhouses today. Wonder what I am doing wrong?
And a cozy little nook for the bathroom.....sorry the picture is so blurred.
Could that be a dollhouse behind the yellow rocker in this cute little room for the children?
Any guesses on the brand of furniture?
Okay JoAnn and Jamie, my collector friends that live in Wisconsin, if you go to Madison please check out this little house at the Historical Society for me!


  1. What a lovely house! No wonder they put it on a postcard. Would love to see a museum full of wonderful old Dollhouses. But then I would want them to! :)

    1. Uh, Myrtle, just go out to your own personal museum and look around!

  2. I agree with you this is a lovely old house!! Oh don't we just wish we could have all the pretty houses?!! Hee Hee
    from sugar,spice and whatever's nice

  3. Hi, I just found your blog, what an amazing collection you have! I recently bought a tin dollhouse and I'm having a hard time finding any info on it. It looks a lot like the Loew's dollhouse you had. Here's a link to my blog if you'd care to take a look:
    The blog is in Finnish, sorry!

    1. Precious little tin house! I am thinking it is Canadian...let me check with a few of my collector friends and get back to you. Also will check out the rest of your blog...translated of course! Cheers!

    2. Hi Anu, one of my friends found your little house on Pinterest listed as a Chad Valley from Australia....she left a comment for you. Dollhouse friends are great!

    3. Thank you so much for your time and help! Dollhouse friends are really the best :) I bought the house from an online auction here in Finland and been trying to find any information on it ever since.

  4. Hi Anu! I sent you a link for the dollhouse on your website comment area. Hope you got it!

  5. Hi from Wisconsin! I just found your blog and I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my passion for old dollhouses. The Wisconsin Historical Society had that lovely dollhouse on display in their old quarters on the UW campus. When they opened a new museum on the capitol square around 1990, they no longer displayed it. As far as I know, they still don't. I used to have that postcard- don't know what happened to it.